Time For Selfies Again!

Oh, how fast the days go by lately.

Petcretary didn’t even make any pics this past week…slacker! BOL!

So we will look back in our selfies and see if we can find one that you haven’t seen yet, Hah!

The New Year’s celebrations are over and we all look forward to a better year than the past one.

Benji got another card from one of our FB groups…for his Gotcha Day.

Good thing we didn’t have that kind of snow here…but we did have an ice storm on the night of Jan 1 to Jan2…followed by heavy wet snow.

Lots of peeps not too far from us, had power outages, cause the storm caused trees to come down, with the effect of taking down power lines with them…and the roads were treacherous as well. Good thing by the time *she* went to work it wasn’t too  bad. It WAS pretty though, like a Christmas card! She and Unfiurbro the elder took a good long while to clean it all up and get the salt/sand applied.

When she got out of work, last night, it was raining again…and the temp was 30F…Yikes, more icy conditions and snow overnight. Hopefully it won’t be as bad, there was over 1/4 inch of ice before the snow came…

Things are calming down at petcretary’s work place, now there is a large part of the facility that is not under quarantine, and she was working there, in the ‘green zone’. Phew!  Work had not been that pleasant for many weeks! Still no word as to when the new vaccine will be given, though some other facilities from the same company have received them.

Our peeps are still dealing with the car mess, and we still do not have a replacement for Pawppy, though he has his eye on a couple…hopefully soon there will be two cars in our driveway once again. Its sometimes rather awkward to juggle the driving needs…

OK, We found an ‘Ussie’, from way before the snow and ice blew over our neck of the woods:

Petcretary was up early last Tuesday, (Dec 29), so she was one of the first commenters at  Teddy’s Blog. Hooray and congrats to her!

She got this ‘badge’ to mark the occasion:

But while she guessed correctly, she wasn’t first….oh well:

This was her reward for the right guess:

We have joined with the Selfies Blog Hop, at The Kitties Blue! The first Selfie Sunday of 2021!  

We are thankful that Miss Janet of The Kitties Blue faithfully hosts this fun feature each week.

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8 thoughts on “Time For Selfies Again!

  1. Love the selfies … congrats on being a commenter firstie and then a right guesser! And yikes on all that snow and rain and ice! Happy New Year and Best Wishes, always!

  2. Your “ussie” is a keeper. But those road conditions are the worst ever, the most dangerous to drive on — except for black ice that you can’t see and don’t know is there until your vehicle starts to spin out of control. Yes, been there, done that. Be careful on the roads, “petrecary!”

  3. Congrats to the petcretary for being first. Cute ussie. Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! XO

  4. Mee-yow wow youss’ sure had sum wild stormin there! Wee gotted sum snow; then freezin rain an then more snow. Today LadyMew went to corner shop fore milk.. Shee used her Walker an shee had to walk on road to get there…to find they had NO milk (that iss a ferst fore them!) So shee had to cross road an go to other corner shop walkin on THE road. Most peepell moved over fore her butt a guy inn a BOG pickup blew his horn an made a ruse hand gesture to her. Shee got milk an snax an had to walk back on road An her glassess keeped foggin up so shee took them off an was walkin with fuzzy site…shee was a baskit case when shee came inn.
    Whew Winter sure iss a challenge as iss Covid….
    Petcretary wee so reeleeved yore werkin inn Green zone! Furabuluss!
    Mistur Dave was sent home today from Hospital. LadyMew beein a Nursey purrson (’bout 100 yeerss ago) thinkss it iss too soon….guess wee have to wait an see.
    Benji an Dalton yore Usie iss lovelee. An Benji yore Gotcha card iss adoorabell just liek you!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

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