Dalton,Benji aka Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

Bio: We're Angel-Pipo & Angel-Minko-WeBeesSiameezers! And Angel-MrJackFreckles was our barky doggy brofur. And now we have Dalton and Benji , our little doggy brofurs. MJF: April 30, 2002; Gotcha Day: June 10, 2002; RB Day: Feb 5, 2018. Pipo: Dec 26, 2004; Gotcha Day: Feb 14, 2005. RBDay: Nov3,2020; Minko: Dec 29, 2004; Gotcha Day: Feb 14, 2005; RB Day: June 18, 2017. Dalton: Gotcha Day Sept 27, 2017 Birthday: Unknown...probably sometime in 2016...he has been assigned a Birthday: Aug 20, 2016. Benji: Birthday: June6,2018; GotchaDay: Dec 28, 2019 So we are Dalton & Benji...enjoy our blog:)

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