Rainy Day Selfies: When The Sun Came Out Of Hiding

When petcretary told us, that once again it was time for her to help us make selfies, well it was rainy and wet outside…not to mention chilly. So we made them indoors..and while Dalton was languishing in a doggy nest, I, Pipo was at the window watching the outdoor life…and chattering away, then I napped. And behold the sun came out for a short while to backlight my selfies. Wow…and when petcretary went out the rain wet her head, MOL! And today when she had to be at her work, well, it was bright and sunny. Go figure.
I was minding my ow business and snoopervising the outdoor life…
When petcretary said it was time to get ready for selfie taking…so I started with this grooming maneuver…
And attended to the state of my footsies
Well, this one did not turn out that well…

Smirk, thay is what you get petcretary for interrupting my window time…

I feel rather sleepy now…

But *she* still wants a good selfie she said…

Well, this is my sort of winking selfie, MOL!

And this is my whole self-selfie! And wow, the sun came out!

Sunbeams are so relaxing, and make me want to take another nap.
Dalton in the doggy nest by petcretary’s desk

He was sad that the rains were coming down…

And he didn’t want to go outside to take selfies in the rain…

Deary days are good for catching up on relaxing:)

So this is Dalton’s rainy day relaxing selfie.
Once again the card making factory was busy:


Khyra whom many of you know, became an Angel.
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8 thoughts on “Rainy Day Selfies: When The Sun Came Out Of Hiding

  1. What a fine selection this week, and despite the rain you have all come out with smiles on your faces…. We particularly like your smirk, Pipo, that made us smile a lot, especially as we have rain all day here….
    Toodle pips

  2. **thud**
    “BellaDharma?? BellaBella Little Girl are you ok?”” “Oh BellaDharma what happened?”
    “Meow LadyMummy did you SEE Pipo’ss whole self Selfie?? Did you???”
    “Yess little girl I DID see his handsome selfie….are you OK now???”
    “Mee thinkss so LadyMummy…”

    Pipo yore selfie iss wonder full……
    An Dalton dog yore eyess are so full of sole…no wait, soul…..that iss it! Yore a handsum man dog too!
    ***pursss*** BellaDharma & {{hugsss}} LadyMummy

  3. That’s a lot of sun!!! We don’t have any sun puddles like that in our house…ever!!! Ya’ll look handsum as always tho’. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  4. Well, you both did a great serie of Selfies, Pipo and Dalton, but the Selfie that your pecretary still needed a Selfie, that nailed it! Pawkisses for a Happy sunny day🐾😽💞

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