Tabbies Beware! No Regrets: Stop and Stare: We Have Egrets!

Tabbies Beware! No Regrets: Stop and Stare: We Have Egrets!

This week our ‘selfies’ are guests…

Petcretary is out of town, leaving me, Pipo with pawppy…she took Dalton with her…so some of these big white birds (and others), are taking over the selfies this week. OMC! Those Tabbies (O’TT) will be hissing, MOL!

These ‘burd’ pics and selfies are from when petcretary was at that big Meijer Gardens this past August, those egrets and herons and others are likely in warmer climes by now:)

Wait lady, I need to get ready…


I really need to get under these feathers better…


Hmmm, not sure if this selfie of me, Eggie Egret is really good enough…


Hey, There is a lady taking pictures for some selfies, are you going to join me?
Oh, you too have to get all groomed up?
Black Leggie said there was not enough grooming time before that lady had to move on, so I, Eggie, alone will do this Egret Selfie:)
Hey, Herrie Heron, there is a selfie taking lady; wanna join?


Ok, then, I will leave you to get a good selfie…
Ta-Da! Not bad for my first Herrie Heron Selfie!
King Fisher decided to have a selfie too!


Mrs Mallard, would you like a seflie?


Why of course! I would love to join the Sunday Selfies lineup
We feathered friends are joining the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, hosted by The Kitties Blue.Please go there to add your link, as right now there isn’t a code to make a hop work here…




5 thoughts on “Tabbies Beware! No Regrets: Stop and Stare: We Have Egrets!

  1. Awww! We love ducks and kingfishers, and whilst we do not like herons and egrets, we think they all did very well on the selfies, especially at such short notice, MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. Charlee: “Those are some big birds!”
    Chaplin: “We like to stare out the window at birds, but ours aren’t anywhere near that big.”
    Charlee: “I think those birds might intimidate me a little.”
    Chaplin: “Not me! Nothing intimidates me!”
    Charlee: “Oh I know.”
    Chaplin: “We wanted to thank you for the lovely memorial graphic you did of our doggy brother Dennis the Vizsla. He was a very good brother and we will never forget him.”
    Charlee: “Yes, we hung it on the wall over at our blog — Dennis left the blog to us in his will and we put the picture up so we can always see his face when we go there.”

  3. APAWSS APAWSS fore thee Birdiess doin such guud Selfiess!!! Herrie Heron iss one kewl bird….Mee hopess thee Tabbiess O Trout Towne not too ups-set, MOL!!!!
    Sorry mee so late vistin…LadyMew has bin unwell…
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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