In Loving Memory Of Mau (Mauricio)

Mau, from the Kitties Blue, at The Cat On My Head, has flown off to the realms of Kitty Heaven. You can click on this link here, to visit his family.

The Kitties Blue are famous for many things, but The Sunday Selfies is a feature they host each week, faithfully and diligently.

We thank them for this hard work, and we know it will be bittersweet to keep on keeping on for all of them at this difficult time.

Fly freely, Mau, maybe you will be the RB’s Chief Cake Baker!Purrs and love and many hugs.



4 thoughts on “In Loving Memory Of Mau (Mauricio)

  1. Mee-yow wee thott it was a miss-print when wee saw THE mewss on Facebake. Wee red Aunty Janet’ss post this mornin an wee know it iss fur reel….
    Wee will miss Mauricio furry much….
    Petcretary yore badge of Mau iss beeuteefull; yore so thottfull….
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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