Post St Patrick’s Day Selfies

 Winter has struck once again! It seems to have no regard that  Spring arrives tomorrow…sigh. The fourth consecutive weekend with bad weather.

Petcretary drove to a retreat for women from her Church Federation, about 60 or so miles north of where she lives. On Friday March 17th, the weather as good…no problem!  It was chilly, on account of wind, but above freezing. She woke up on Saturday…the temp was 14F,  the wind was howling, and the snow was at least 4 inches deep. She drove 5 miles from her hotel room to the retreat  venue, and that took her a good 20 minutes, because not only were the roads snow covered, she could hardly see where she was going, it was the dreaded whiteout conditions,,,that come with with lake effect snow. If it was away from the lake, it would be have been called a blizzard…

Petcretary left that place about 3pm. The roads in the town were improved and the highway traffic flow maps looked a lot better as well…so off she went. Arghhhhh! She had to drive at about 35 mph (On a 70MPH highway), and with her 4 way flashers on… because here and there it was impossible to see a thing…just barely the edge of the road…and still there were peeps who had to drive and go past her into that snow wall…either they were crazy, stupid or they have xray vision. Well, a lot of others were driving with their 4 ways on, so at least she knew *she* wasn’t crazy! When she got to the second highway it was better but right away she saw an accident being cleared up…at least it was on the other side of the divided highway! So the next 18 miles or so were not too terrible, but just before she got off at her exit, the whiteouts started again…Yikes! Well, she just drove slowly…and the traffic was much lighter on that road.

The road she travels at night on her way home from work, was surprisingly good…it all depends where the wind wants to make a mess! She got home around 6pm…a drive that should only have taken just over an hour in good conditions! Phew! She prayed a thank you for the safety she had… 

Us pups were overjoyed to see her! But of course!! Pawppy took good care of us, but…well he’s not petcretary, BOL!

So we will be kind to our tired Petcretary and show you some selfies that we made before Friday’s (art work) post.

And we will cut her some slack about visiting everyone…but eventually she’ll be back!

Let hope that when Spring arrives officially, the weather will begin to cooperate! Did you hear that weather??!

Ya’ll have a great week ahead!

We are in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. The Kitties Blue at The Cat On my Head are the gracious hosts! We love them and they’ve been at it a LONG time! Thanks, Kitties Blue!

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8 thoughts on “Post St Patrick’s Day Selfies

  1. Our Mom says she can’t believe she used to drive in those kind of weather conditions. She’s been a “Southerner” since 1984, and is used to everything shutting down with even the mention of snow, BOL! We’re all really glad your Petcretary got home safely. And yes, tomorrow can’t call itself spring unless it warms up, right? XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

    Dalton an Benji wee had same storm here an it was white our conditionss….still snowin today inn fact!!!!
    What cray-cray weather rite? Petcretary wee hope yore nervess are all rite an you an Pawppy can have a quiet snuggley Sunday with THE PUPSS!
    Wee ADOOR yore St Patrick’ss Selfiess an yore Ussie iss furabuluss……
    Wee hope yore week goess bettur!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

  3. Oh, you doggies, I just saw your amazing wearin’ of the green and you are both fantastic models! Those eyes make us all swoon here in kitty land.

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