Selfies…And the March Lion!

After a few amazing days..the March Lion struck here with a big roar on March third…with ice, wind and about 7 inches of heavy wet snow. What a mess…and just over a week ago we were dealing with all the power outages from that terrible ice storm. Sheesh. Talk about yo-yo weather. Our snowdrops were beginning to bloom…such a welcome sight, and the tulips were coming up, as well the tips of the daffodil leaves, but they all got buried and none were visible. Petcretary was out on errands before that storm started, but when she got back home (safely!), it was dark and the snow was deep…and crunchy, and when the wind whipped it up, it stung on her face. Us pups were not amused to woof the least. 

She got a couple of bad pictures from inside her vehicle  but Saturday morning, when she got up, the sun was already bright and the temp was about 41F. So the thick coating of icy snow was almost gone from the fence and trees. It was a horrible mess to shovel, as the snow thrower decided it could not deal with the packed up stuff, it acted like a giant shovel, building up huge piles. So the regular shovel did a much better job…except it was very heavy work. Good thing petcretary can still do that, she is used to heavy lifting from her work at the nursing home. Pawppy is good with the snow thrower, but since he had that back and hip surgery, he shouldn’t be shoveling…its time for us peeps to look into a snow removal service, LOL!

These snow images were taken in the dark, so the lighter ones were ‘enhanced’ to reveal more detail.

Wow, we have a new privacy fence??
View from the drive way, to across the street. Pink tones from the car’s rear lights, which are red…
More pinkness on the dogwood and fence.
This image was made to  be B & W, and now you can ‘see’ the darkness and all the whirling snow.It was NOT fun driving in that…

Well here we are, too…but dry and warm, BOL!

Hi, Petcretary…whoa, that is a really close close up!!

I am really tired after running through all that deep snow…but thanks for the treat!! Don’t worry, Benji got one too!

We are sorry if we have not visited you in a while. It seems each time she sits down to do that, she gets a few under her belt, and then she has to stop, for any number of reasons…sure, excuses, excuses…but we have not forgotten our furends, we are just very behind…if we miss some, its because we are trying to get caught up!

Sunday Selfies are Hosted as always by the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head. Thanks so much for hosting this fun blog hop for SO long!

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4 thoughts on “Selfies…And the March Lion!

  1. Wowzers, what snow! None of us have ever seen a fence filled in by snow! We wouldn’t have recognized you, Benji, your nose looked so huge BOL! Love your big yawn, Dalton. And Mom says no worries, she’s having trouble finding time to sit down for long at the ‘puter, too. Life happens. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

  2. WOWZERS – you sure did get some blowing snow….love the photos though – I must say we SORT OF missed having snow this winter but on the other hand when we see photos of it we are glad there was no shoveling here (at least yet!). Love the action films too. CUTE!

    Happy Sunday,

  3. We love snow photos now that we are not in snowland anymore MOL! You did a great job with the photos though and the pink snow on the fence is really cool. We had a year like that where the fence was all covered. It’s such a cool looking pattern and we enjoyed the privacy for about a day till it melted. 🙂

  4. Mother Nature is being mean to your area. We only had an inch and a half of wet heavy snow and it was hard to deal with, I can’t imagine 7 inches of it. Nice selfies. XO

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