Snowy Guests!

 Folks, we are buried in deep snow…well, we admit not nearly as bad as some folks, but sheesh over a foot of snow is bad enough…and its not even officially winter, yet! All this started last Thursday afternoon…

(Friday, Nov 18th) There is a bit less snow on the van because *she* cleared off about 4 or 5 inches when she got out of work.

We watched as petcretary and pawppy cleared the walks and driveway, and dug out the cars…it took them a few hours, and that was with the snow thrower helping them! It was heavy wet stuff, because all that snow came down at temps around 30F. Right now its in the low 20’sF. And the winds are picking up once again, which of course means more snow, and we are in a storm warning area till into Sunday morning…and of course this is the weekend that petcretary has to be at work…at least she won’t miss the local Christmas Parade…it got cancelled, LOL!

All the schools and various other places were closed on Friday. Our road was not plowed until Saturday morning, which of course means that now the end of the driveway is blocked again…arghh!


It sure was hard to go out for our business duties before the shovels came out…

Benji seems to enjoy the snow a bit more than Dalton. Benji thinks there are good sniffs to be had, but Dalton just stands there and watches before looking for other spots to keep his toes out of the snow, or he goes to find petcretary…but silly pup that he is, he doesn’t go back into the house, he wants to keep his eye on everyone else!


 Close your eyes now, Tabbies!

Of course the birdies were VERY hungry, and petcretary had to go out and clear the snow off of the feeders so they could get at the noms easier…but not before she tried to take some guest selfies…most are not the best, taken from inside the house with her phone…through the still blowing and falling snow at that time…as it snowed almost all day on Friday.

Mr & Mrs Cardinal
Tufted Titmouse
Chickadee & Purple Finch
Purple Finch, Photobombed by Mrs Cardinal
Another Tufted Titmouse
Mr Cardinal
Red Breasted Nuthatch and Chickadee
Red Breasted Nuthatch…this is an uncommon visitor to our feeders, so we were glad to see him today.

We didn’t get their pictures, but there were also a lot of different species of woodpeckers, a wren, and tons of finches and juncos. We always put out mealworms, suet, sunflower seeds, peanuts and a mix of fruit and nuts. For some reason, the bluebirds we saw a lot of last winter and spring are now only very rare visitors. 

Its safe now, Tabbies!

Petcretary was at her work just before she published this blog…and wouldn’t you know it…we had yet another dump of about 6 inches of snow, but its a lot fluffier and easier to clean up…phew! But the roads were a mess, and she once again crawled home at slow speed to not slide off the snow covered and sometimes icy roads. The winds are gusting up to 40MPH, and the temps are in the low teens F, right now. Brrr, this is one big storm system!

Sadly, this past week, Tuiren’s family had to say a final goodby to their sweet pup.

We also heard that Valentine’s mom being ill, has decided to retire their blog, and that since last December when they last made a post, both Myrna and Bessie have gone to the RB as Angels.

You can visit them here if you wish to send them off with best wishes and hope for the future.

We have joined up with the Sunday Selfies, Blog Hop. You can join too, by clicking this caption, and it will bring you right there! Thanks, Kitties Blue, for being our hosts!


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8 thoughts on “Snowy Guests!

  1. OMD, we’ve never seen so much snow ever. Our Mom has, as she’s from PA, and she says she’s so glad to not have to deal with it anymore. Y’all stay safe, ye hear?!

  2. Benji yore snowy Selfiess are ADOORBSS!!!!!!!
    An Dalton you look so cute hangin out inn snow two. Youss’ ot alot of snow fore sure…..wee have over 3 FEET an NO cammyra!!! FISHCAKESS! Mee gotta bug BellaSita to buy mee a cammyra!
    Yore Birdie Feed station iss kewl. So many diffyrent speecess come vissit!
    Wee have Mistur an Missus Blue (Jayss) an “THE Flyin 1-2-6” Squadron of Saprrowss are back!
    An our 8 Mournin Dovess are here an White Tip an Dark Wing Pidjunss.
    BellaSita iss keepin patio cleer so they can hang out an shee put seedss inn nice round plastick tray under THE little patio tabell an then inn smalll plastick try shee puttss peenutss an Nyurr seedss on top of tabell…
    Wee have 2 Teer Feedin at THE Purrfect Pad!
    Stay warm an cozy an Petcretary an Pawppy pace yoresselvess shovellin an stuff OKay?
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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