Pre-Pirate Day Remembrances and a Pretty Guest Selfie

 Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

We thought it would be fun to revisit a few of our ‘furbears’ Pirate Day pictures/selfies.


And to what your appetites:


Our shed got put together yesterday! Hooray! It took our unfurbros with a wee bit of motherly help, spotting the ladder duties; about 6 1/2 hours to do that job! So *they* took them out to dinner for a job well done.Of course they didn’t bring us any doggy bags, we ate our regular dinner. Ahhh well, it was fun to snoopervise them while they worked. 

Petcretary didn’t think to get any pics, until it was almost done…then she noted a photo-bombing butterfly! That butterfly was flitting around most of the afternoon, seemingly quite partial to the marigolds.

Note the Photo-bomber!
All done…and awaiting the lawn mower and the snow thrower to be residing in there, way closer to the house than in the past.
Petcretary thinks this is a Great Spangled Fritillaries (Speyeria cybele) Butterfly
Sure is a pretty one! Firstt time *she’s* seen this species.


 We often have to say our goodbyes as we mourn the  losses of our pets, but when we lose the peeps that write for us, in other words the peeps behind the scenes, usually; or their family members, well, that hurts our hearts so much more.

 Recently we all felt very sad when the well known and loved Miss Ellen and Miss Carole lost dear members of their families.

Miss Ann of Zoolatry kindly made these badges to help us remember them, please leave your comforting words for them if you have not already done so, just click on the names under the badges.

Carole (Katie Isabella)
Ellen (15&Meowing)
We are hopping with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head in the Sunday Selfies Blog-Hop! So much fun! Thanks for hosting each week!  (Just click the Caption to join us!)

5 thoughts on “Pre-Pirate Day Remembrances and a Pretty Guest Selfie

  1. Adorable Pirates Day pictures of your crew! We are very sad about the losses of family members and our sympathy goes out to Ellen and Carole and their families.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your angels as pirates as well as Dalton and Benji. You really have a lot of pirate loot. 🙂 The shed looks nice. Beautiful photos of the butterfly and marigolds. Thank you for adding my sister’s badge. XO

  3. Yore mew shed lookss furabuluss!! Wee love it! And that it iss closer to house so no more shleppin so far fore what Pawppy needss!
    An yore foto bommin Butterfly frend iss so purrty!!
    Mee thinkss shee was there to snoopervize onn behalf of Pipo (mee seecret crushie) an Minko an darlin Mistur Jack Freckless….
    Happy Meow lLike A Pyerat to youss’ Dalton an Benni~~you’ss make furoshuss Pyeratss fore sure!!!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an **giggless** BellaSita Mum

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