Flashback Selfies…

Petcretary is working this weekend, so we thought we would give her a break and let her do a flashback…from about this time in 2019.

Another week  has flown by and it’s time to ‘do’ our selfies again…
Pipo got to enjoy lots of sunpuddles this week…hooray!

We, Benji and Dalton did lots of barking, chasing varmints,and digging…we found and exterminated two big fat moles…though petcretary was less than thrilled with the cavernous mess we left behind, BOL!

We even managed to sit still for a double selfie…an ‘ussie’!

And to not make Angel Minko Miss out on flashback, here is Minko, ca 2014.

And Angel MJF…well flashbacks are good for him, too!

MJF, ca 2016

And now for current news….Our pawppy decided it was finally the right time to take leave of his work and go into retirement! Hooray, he might be home with us a lot more now…and petcretary hopes he will be able to do some of the things on that always infamous ‘Honey Do List’!

They were gone for hours this past Friday, as there was a big party for him, even the mayor of our city was there to give his thanks, and blessing on his retirement. He was working there for 42 years!
On Saturday I, Benji didn’t want to get up…and I ate my brekkie, while laying down. I didn’t even get up to greet my peeps, though I did thump my tail. Petcretary made me get up…and then she watched what I would do…and she saw I was limping and favoring my right front paw….she could not find any swelling, cut, etc,and I didn’t really flinch when she ran her hands over me…so she thought maybe I got a bit too crazy with the games I play with Dalton…or maybe he bruised me when we played a rough game of bitey face…which also means bitey everything, BOL!
It will remain my secret…
Anyways she gave me an aspirin, after looking up the dose for a pup of my size, and some CBD as well. Later I was running around outside again…with only the tiniest of limps, but at least I seem to be on the mend. Phew!
It was a good day for lollygagging around anyways, as it rained all the day long! And sometimes poured hard! Blech…though petcretary was glad to get it, not to mention the parched ground. She also said it was a good day to go to her work on a weekend day, as there was no need to grumble about having to work on a beautiful day. BOL!

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9 thoughts on “Flashback Selfies…

  1. Concats an HURRAH Pawppy on yore reetiremint!! May you have many sweet an peecefull yeerss with Petcretary an THE Poochie Boyss!
    Dalton wee so sorry you herted yore paw. Mee sendss you dubbell POTP fore a quik ree-covurry!
    An Benji pleese watch over yore Brothur an do not let him bounce around too much!!!
    Lovelee Retro Selfiess an Ussie mee deer frendss!!

    BellaSita cried when shee saw Mistur Jack Freckless foto…shee REELLY loved him alot!
    An wee both gotted misty over Minko an then mee went to peecess over Pipo…..hee will allwayss live inn mee heart Petcretary!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Sistur

  2. The flashbacks are great, and it’s good to see your Angels again.
    Hurray for your Dad! And the mayor came to his retirement?! Wow, we’re impressed.
    Benji, did you maybe twist your ankle a little? Whatever it was, we’re glad you’re over it. XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia and Riley

  3. Happy retirement to your Daddy ! We are always glad to see you two but it was nice to see your angels too !

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