A Hot Week Again And Selfies, Too.

Well, our week stated out with reasonable temps, and even a good thunderstorm in which we got about a little over an inch of rain. Then we were right back into the dog days of August…aka Dogust! 

The past few days you could cut the air with a knife and the dew in the morning lasted till mid afternoon. In spite of that, Petcretary mowed our yard, on Friday, because here was a bit of a refreshing breeze, and the weekend was going to be even hotter. So Saturday became a lazy day of not doing too much other than needed chores. We are forecast to get more storms today and Monday…we’ll see.

We also saw that *she* put a note on the calendar for the 23rd…yikes it says B & D to the vet. Phooey. Maybe we need to take August out of the calendar, it seems we go there about the same time each year. Wait, if we do that, then Dalton won’t have a BD, nor will our unfurbro-the-younger. Well, hey, then they’ll never get old, BOL!

Didn’t see any bunnies this past week, and the lone swallowtail refused to pose! There were a lot of cranes around though, in the field across our street. On the middle of the road on the way to *her* work, and in the various fields along the way.They were too far to catch them with any camera that petcretary has. Here’s one from a previous ‘catch’:

We got bored a lot…so I, Benji, found more exciting things to do…

I don’t know why this put Petcretary into a frenzy and I heard some HBO words, too…BOL!  When *she* gets annoyed, its not boring…tee-hee!

Maybe these deeds above were he reason I got a bee sting…two actually, one on my paw and one on my face. Thankfully my fur is thick, and after I got some ‘apis’ both in my mouth and on the stings, I felt better, and there was very little swelling. (Apis is a homeopathic remedy for stings.)

Dalton continues to be a nervous-Nelly…or Willie since he’s not a gal! BOL! We keep on with the CBD and other calming remedies, but perhaps when we go to the vet in a couple weeks, we might ask for some other help. Pheromones don’t seem to affect him at all, we have tried that, too.

Well here are our selfies for this week:

Our grass is greening up again since we’ve had some good rains. Now our grass needs mowing again…and it got ‘shaved’ on Friday.

On another note, Most everyone knows Athena and her mom, Marie. Marie recently lost her brother unexpectedly. It would be nice to go there and comment with your love and sympathy if youu haven’t done so already.

You can visit Athena and Marie, Here.

Thanks, Ann from Zoolatry for this beautiful graphic.

We are joining up with all the other selfies, at the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, hosted by The Kitties Blue, at the Cat On My Head.

Thanks for always faithfully hosting this blog hop each week! We love you all, and we love Snday Selfies!

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6 thoughts on “A Hot Week Again And Selfies, Too.

  1. The weather’s been pretty much the same here in Chattanooga. The grass is as high as an elephant’s eye and …wait, that’s for corn, which we don’t have and don’t eat. But we’ve started grazing in our front yard, BOL!
    Wow, Benji. That was some major boredom relief. We wonder what your Mom’s gonna do about that wallpaper. Wow. Around here that would earn you jail time in the kennel whenever the peeps were both gone.
    Hey Dalton, have you tried some valerian? It helps a lot around here, when needed. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

  2. We can’t believe this latest heat wave has been lasting several days now! It even slows the puppies down, well, a little bit. It has been good for the garden though, and we’ve even been getting enough storms that it’s been keeping it pretty well watered. The only bad thing was when the wind in the last storm blew our tomato plants right over! Somehow they seem to have survived though. Great selfies, guys! ♥

  3. YIKESS!!! Benji what were you thinkin??? My PUP.\, tearin wallpapurr off an dee-stuffin yore bed iss NOT guud ideass….
    Miss Amy time to buy more dee-stuffin Stuffiess fore Mistur Bored Poochie!
    Wee love you Benji; wee not want you to get innto trouble 😉
    An Dalton mee iss sorry you are still wrestlin with nervess…..mee two….
    Feliway Multypull Catss Diffuser werkss guud on mee. Funny rite?? A 9 pound cat that needss MEGA Feliway!!
    Wee hope you find sumthin that werkss fore you!
    Mee must meow you both did Xcellent Selfiess this week…
    Benji were you givin Petcretary a RAZZBERRY??? Mew mew mew……
    Iss *hot* an hue-mid here two. Wee stayin inn an mee goin stir crazy…mee wantss O-U-T!! **sighss**
    ~~~head rubsss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Sistur

  4. Bee stings YIKES that is scary. I am glad you are OK

    Nerves, they can be a big thing can’t they. Mum isn’t giving up and neither will we. You can do it! Be brave and strong

  5. Bad dogs! I would use HBO words if you ripped my pretty wallpaper too. Good thing you two are adorable and can get away with it. Nice selfies. Sorry you have to go to the vet. XO

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