Quiet Week ~ Sunday Selfies

 Well, it has been a rather quiet week here…but we think petcretary likes it that way. Mostly the most hullabaloo was at the bird feeders…lots of quibbling over who gets to eat first, LOL! There are lots of volunteer sunflowers and thistles there, now too…which a lot of birds like, too. So far the squirrels have not been there, else they would have already ruined them all! We have been hot here, around 90 or so, most days, (34C), but we think that must be cool by the reports of some areas on our globe being 40C or more, yikes! We have high humidity too…that make us feel yucky outside and petcretary too…she does her outside chores later in the evening when the heat is less.  

Sunflowers, Yellow Thistles, and yellow ‘daisies’ not sure of the proper name. THese are all volunteers, planted by the birds dropping the seeds…
Sunflower Selfie with a bee Photo-bomber…LOL!
This sunflower, yet to bloom, is taller than petcretary!
Another Sunny selfie!

We are supposed to get storms here overnight, and the prediction is that Monday will be less humid and pleasant temps. We shall see…if so them *she* will mow the lawn…a daunting job…but she can handle it, if its not too hot. Sometimes she takes about 4 hours to do the most of it, the rest being our wilder woodsy area, which we only mow every once in a while to keep the weeds in check. Somehow, nonetheless, Benji always manages to find the places where there are cling-ons to hitch a ride in his furs. Hardly anything sticks to Dalton. LOL!

Well, here are our selfies and an ussie for this week…no guests to show, LOL!

Sometimes using the zoom lens doesn’t give the best results…but we both are smiling so there!
We are hopping along with all the other Sunday Selfies at The Cat On My Head. The Kitties Blue host this fun weekly feature. We love you kitties Blue!! Thanks for your faithful rendering of this, each and every week!

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8 thoughts on “Quiet Week ~ Sunday Selfies

  1. your selfies are Perfect! all 3 of them. the heat is all over the planet. we had a storm last night that lasted 40 minutes with one bolt every few seconds, they were cracking over our house and I was really scared, Beau paid no attention, it was mama worried one would hit the house. hope your is just nice rain that cools you down. Beau comes home with ridealongs on his feet almost every day

  2. Sunflowerss are so beeuteefull an yore sunny Daisyss two!
    An who iss more hansum than youss Dalton an Benji?????
    ***purrss*** an **nose bopss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum
    Pee S: We have been with Hue-midex rite at 100 deegreess here this past week…wee did have rain overnite….hopin fore more! 😉

  3. What nice gifts the birdies leave when they come to eat at your feeder. Sunflowers taller than a person…wow! We’re still waiting on someone to come mow our field, er, grass. Hey, maybe we’ll get some cooler weather tomorrow too. Ours has been just like yours, and we sure are thankful for Mr. A/C. XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia

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