A Pretty Guest Selfie

 We are taking a break, so that we can show off a beautiful guest pup. Her name is Annie,

She is a Samoyed, pure white and she loves to smile! She takes her lady along and visits all the residents where petcretary works, Annie is a Therapy Pup. Everyone wants to cuddle with her and they love to pet her, and feel her thick soft gorgeous fur. Annie’s lady said it was OK to take some pics so you could all see her too.

Petcretary still hasn’t got her van back yet…sheesh, we hope she’ll have it back soon. We need it to get the lawnmower out of the shop where it was over the winter…she was going to get it the day after the accident, but well, of course that didn’t happen. Its nice and warm this weekend, and we had a lot of rain on Friday, so the grass will be growing as we stand by and watch it! 

And all the trees and spring flowers will likely explode in their beautiful blossoms. But…petcretary will have to observe from the windows of her work place as she has to work both Saturday and Sunday…the courtyard there is already in bloom with daffodils and tulips as it is quite sheltered. Some of the more able residents will go out there and enjoy the sunshine and the birds and the odd squirrel who gets in there…and now there’s also  a duck nesting in there! OMD! The activities peeps take the others out there, too, when its warm enough.

Last Tuesday Petcretary was one of three ‘firsties’ to class at Teddy’s Tuesday Teaser. She got the answer right, but was not first, LOL!

This was her ‘reward’ for being first to class.
We are joined up with the Sunday Selfies, at The Cat On My Head.

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6 thoughts on “A Pretty Guest Selfie

  1. Therapy dogs have very special jobs, and Annie looks like she loves doing hers! Hope you are able to get your lawn mower back soon. You may have to pay a neighbor kid to do the first mowing of the year!

  2. Annie is adorable , but both of you are too. I hope petcretary gets her van soon. Congrats to her on being first commenter. I am never up that early. XO

  3. Annie! Annie!!! Yore gorgeeuss!!! Mee nevurr meeted a Poochie like you….WOWSERSS!!!
    BellaSita Mum new a Samoyed named TAZ an shee meoed to mee how wunderfull an gentell hee was…..
    Dalton an Benji thanx fore sharin Annie with us~~~shee iss speck-taculur!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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