In Loving Memory Of Sammy

 Sammy from 15 & Meowing has become an Angel Kitty.

You can visit his Mom here to leave condolences if you haven’t done so already.

We helped Petcretary make these mementos in his honor…feel free to use them if you wish.

We will miss you so much, Dear Sammy, the more your family. 

Rest in Peace, Sammy, soon your new strong Angel Wings will help you fly well, all over the catnip meadows, and you will chase butterflies as much as you wish.

We will treasure your memory forever.

5 thoughts on “In Loving Memory Of Sammy

  1. Those are beautiful memorial pictures, and I’m still unable to post or I’d use them. We are all so sad here about the loss of Sammy. He will be missed.

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