Almost St Patrick’s Day…And More Flashback Selfies

Petcretary is bogged down again…she made a ton of pictures, went to her work, Did chores and errands, and then when she thought she’d have some time, we got about 3 inches of snow, that had to be cleaned up. She even took our lawn-mower to the shop to be serviced so it will be ready when the grass grows again.

If you have noticed our absence well, this is why…she does get to a few here and there to add comments, but sorry about those who are awaiting our visits. 

She was shocked when she went to her work on Thursday, there had been an employee death. A lady that petcretary works with almost every time she is there, and now she will be so very  missed. It was totally unexpected and so upsetting. She was only 48….Petcretary might be able to go to her funeral next week.    RIP, A.D; You will never be forgotten.

She is not looking forward to the ‘spring forward’ event…so her sleep will be curtailed and so will ours. Phooey. At least we will get our noms earlier, BOL!

Petcretary has to work on March 17th, sand then she is going out of town for a conference, so who knows when she’ll get to making new St Paddy’s Day pics for us…not that we care…BOL!! We might even be late with our selfie post for the 20th.

Anyways here are three Angel Flashbacks as a preview to St Patrick’s Day…and ours from last year:)

MJF, ca 2017
Minko, ca 2017
This picture and the previous two are from 2021…
Petcretary: ‘I was First Commenter AND First Right Guesser on the Teaser of March 8, 2022……LUCKY ME!!’

This is Mt.
Kinabalu in Malaysia!   It’s on the island of Borneo which is
(interestingly) governed by THREE countries – and this PART of Borneo
where the mountain is belongs to Malaysia.    Pretty interesting huh!


addition to the several sad partings of kitties and even a kitty dad,
there was also a new Doggy  Angel. We think the doors at the entrance to
the RB need to be shut and locked.This is Pinot. His blog is HERE. He has a FB, too, its HERE

 Here are the other memorial/mementos we made this past week:


What a sad week it has been…we sure hope the coming week and weeks will be happier. We send love and concern along with hugs to all those families in mourning. And for good healing for Mr Terry, Dolly’s dad…who had to have emergency surgery right after Dolly left for the RB.

We have joined all the others at The Kitties Blue who are the host of this weekly feature, and we thank them for hosting this every week for SO long already!


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6 thoughts on “Almost St Patrick’s Day…And More Flashback Selfies

  1. Healing hugs and paw kisses to all who are bereaved, especially to you, Petcretary, on the loss of your co-worker. This has been a sad week indeed. Our hearts to yours. We admire so much how you won two Teaser awards with everything else so demanding going on.
    Minko, Pipo, Dalton and Btenjii-you all look so fine and ready for a St. Patrick’s day parade!
    xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  2. Those are all absolutely gorgeous St. Patty’s day pictures, and we were happy to see them, especially since we missed the first ones the first time around. The two of you, Benji and Dalton are so handsome all decked out in your SPD regale. We are also very sorry about the death of your Mom’s co-worker. So young! Be well…Lucy, Xena, Chia and Mom

  3. OKay now to efurryoen else~~~MJF was such a cute poochie dog! An Minko was lovelee…BellaSita Mum allwayss had a crushie on HIM! 😉
    Dalton an Benji yore Saint Patty’ss Selfiess are allwayss so lovelee! Yore both so fotogenick!
    Happy Green Day to all there. An wee furry sorry about Miss A. D. May her memory bee froe a blessin;.
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

  4. Double congrats on the Teaser . I enjoyed all the flashback photos- so festive. I am sorry about the loss of petcretary’s co-worker, that is sad. XO

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