Busted Innocent Pups!

We have had our share of way too much snow lately…about 9 inches last week, another 4-6 on Wed/Thurs, and Saturday in the wee hours, before we got up we had an other 3 inches or so. Lots of noisy snow thrower work, and also some sore muscles from the shovel work needed to clear where the snow thrower can’t reach. At least if the forecasts are correct, we should have a couple of semi-spring teaser days before going back to winter again.

The birds at our feeders are voracious and the starlings are like piggies…they steal all the food and scare away the smaller pretty birds…The bluebirds love mealworms and that is what those starlings are going for…of course its the most expensive food we feed our feathered friends…at least they can’t get at the suet feeder, because only woodpeckers and other clinging birds can access the upside-down feeder! They can’t get the peanuts in the peanut feeder, again, ts only for clinging birds, they can easily get them…such as Chickadees, Nuthatches, Tufted titmouse, and all the woodpeckers.

There is a large bin feeder with a closing perch, that stops big birds and squirrels…and we have a tube feeder with collapsing perches for the same purpose. Maybe we need another for the mealworms!

Well,  you can tell by the title that there were gremlins in our den recently…or a Not Me!

Its winter; and when its cold and snowy outside and petcretary and pawppy are at their jobs we get bored…esp Benji…

So a bit ago, this is what petcretary came home to:

I’m a good boy, right?
Yes, I sure am! Hehehe!
After she gathered up the mess, I snagged Dalton’s monkey dude and destuffed it some more…I was busted with the evidence in my mouth!
Sheesh, Benji, that was MY monkey…now what’s left for me to rip up?
Moose and Monkey, totally annihilated…

On Feb 15th, at The Tuesday Teaser, petcretary sent in this image as a guest teaser. No one was able to guess it, though a few had the right country. It even took petcretary a lot of hours to find the village in the background, even though she knew the region. and the name of the river, LOL! (Petcretary’s cousins took this picture and allowed her to send it to the Teaser.)

As Quoted by the Teaser Graphics Dept:   ‘This photo was taken by one of Ingrid’s relatives and it is the
beautiful village of Serrig on the River Saar, Saarland, Germany.     We
did have several guesses in Germany so good for those of you who got
that much right!    My own Mom said it reminds her a lot of her river
cruise with my Dad on the Rhine River some years ago.’
This was our Badge for sending in the guest picture…and no; this week she was NOT a firstie, LOL!

There is a Birthday Catabration going on at The Kitties Blue, who are the weekly hosts of this Sunday Selfie Blog Hop! Go visit and add your own selfie, and have fun, too! Thanks Kitties Blue for being our hosts! We love you all!

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6 thoughts on “Busted Innocent Pups!

  1. Uh oh, Benji, never get busted with a mouthful of stuffing! Hopefully you didn’t get in too much trouble XOX Chia
    Oh, those poor stuffies, both of them deadied. Well at least it wasn’t the couch, right? XOX Xena

  2. Benji, that wasn’t nice to do to Dalton’s toys. How sweet of you to buy mealworms. I know they are expensive, we used to feed those many years ago now we do suet and sunflower hearts. XO

  3. Mew me wemw Benji such an innycent face!!! Maybee bark to Petcretary you were makin it snow INN THE house to make it more wintery…What have you got to lose rite??
    Dalton mee iss sorry Benji gotted carried away. Pawss crossed Petcretary will buy you both mew stuffiess???
    Petcretary wee heer you ’bout Starlingss!!! They are feathered Komakazess’!!! Wee had a flock of 25 fly inn yesterday an raid our seed tray on aptio….it was heelareuss!!
    Wee are feedin 14 Mournin Dovess an 2 silly Pidjunss who think they are Daovess an our Black Squirrelss Mimi an Macy!!!
    An wee had all THE snow youss’ did…now wee have 4 feet snow driftss an BellaSita cannot shovel that! Sure has been a cray cray Winter fore us rite??
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

  4. Benji, what a mess ! That was not nice to destroy Dalton’s stuffie. We hope you didn’t get scolded too much. Purrs

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