Brrr! ~ Selfies Inside Where Its Warm!

 Babe its cold outside! Yup it sure was…Friday night we had -3F  Its a bit warmer tonight with the temp early…like in the wee hours… of around 12F…still pretty frigid! When the temps get that cold we get to look inside the kitchen cabinet as the pawrents keep it open …its got the faucet pipes right at the wall, where its really cold, and even with insulation they think its prudent to leave those doors open. But while we can see in there we can’t get in there too easily cause *she* rigs it up and holds the doors in place with rubber bands and a big jar to keep them from closing,…you know what?? She used one of our treat jars. The nerve!  (Though it was an empty one, but still…BOL!)

We do our business outdoors and run back inside to warm our tootsies back up…though when Petcrtetary shovels snow or other outside chores, we follow her around and snoopervise, or we sit down and watch from a distance. Then we hold up our paws and look pathetic…does she respond?? Well, yes, but she just says go inside you silly pups!

We have not seen the noisy snow throwing monster in use yet, this winter, but we might later this week if we get the 6+ inches of snow that is in the forecast. Yikes, its on a day that petcretary has to be at her job. Phooey, we won’t be able to snuggle with her  prior to her leaving as snow like that means she will be out there helping to clean it all up.

Well, petcretary is working this weekend, so we are keeping things short and sweet…

So, here are our selfies, taken from inside where we were warm and cozy.

I was worried that pawppy might take my bone away. Petcretary changed my background, so you could see me better…
Hi, Petcretary…thanks for this yummy bone!

Last Tuesday at Teddy’s Tuesday Teaser class, petcretary was one of five students first through the doorway…quite a stampede, LOL!

Then after a bit of hunting, she found the right answer…however we started barking loudly because there was an intruder to check our generator for scheduled maintenance…but when she got back, still no one had put in the answer, so she added her guess and bingo! She found out she was right! A double win!

This is the picture she guessed:

This is Mount Pony, in Culpeper, Virginia!

There is of course a story associated with this place and here’s where you can find it out – just CLICK HERE
    This interesting complex is now a part of the Library of Congress
where they store and restore old film footage.    Fascinating place.



Aila of Catio Tales  is an Angel Kitty now.
We are joining up with all the other Selfies at The Kitties Blue.


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7 thoughts on “Brrr! ~ Selfies Inside Where Its Warm!

  1. Mee-yow wow Dalton an Benji it soundss like youss are goin to get snow like us….wait…wee have 3 FEET of snow an iss till litely snowin today….An it iss like -12 to -14 `Fahrenheit deegreess up here…..
    BellaSita Mum been puttin put xtra peenutss an seedss fore Mimi an Macey (Squirrelss) an our flock of Mournin Dovess! Wee think there are 12….cuud bee more!
    Petcretary pleese pace yore self shovellin OKay?
    An concatss on been 1st Guesser…wee were on another planet with our guess, mew mew mew…
    Furabuluss selfiess boyss! You allwayss look so hansum!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

  2. Very nice selfies. It is cold here too, rightnow it is 9 above, but it was below a couple days ago. Keep warm. XO

  3. We think that blue background is very becoming, Dalton. It really shows off your pretty furs. Brrr, none of us like those deep freeze temperatures! Stay safe and stay warm. XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia

  4. A large polar vortex will be arriving tomorrow which we’re not especially excited about. There have been numerous 50 & 60F days which we’ve kind of got used to. Sigh. Stay warm, stay inside and chew on treats until it gets warm again!

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