Selfies With Timber!

It was a lovely sunny not even that cold, winter day,  this past Wednesday…and we had to be cooped up inside. There were 5 intruders, with big noisy trucks, and some of them held long noisy things in their hands…and one of those 5 intruders took two of those long things along with a thick as your arm rope, and a skinnier one too and got in a special basket attached to the front of one of those trucks. That truck was so big, they put a little wooden road down for it to drive on, else it would have sunk into the not solidly frozen turf…anyways not only were those intruders there, they had the big yard gates wide open…we have never seen those gates be opened…because the peeps take us through the smaller sally port. gates…anypaws, when that intruder man was inside the basket, he pushed some knobs and it went way high up! So we found out why it was called a High-Ranger…and what that gang was up to….sheesh, they were there at 830 in the morning.

A before picture, taken in the late fall, before we had any snow.
The ‘crew’ has arrived…its about 830 am.

Petcretary told us that she allowed those intruders to come into our yard, because they had a big job to do that she could not ever even dream of doing herself or with pawppy…they were going to help her get rid of our big old nasty walnut tree. So down it came branch by branch, limb by limb, slowly and carefully because it was close to the house, and some wires. When  big limbs were cut, they were guided down safely with the ropes, and the men on the ground guided them to where they could be dragged to another noisy machine that must have been really hungry, because it ate the big branches and smaller limbs. The bigger limbs were cut into chunks and thrown into a waiting wagon. (Someone is going to have a nice bonfire or fuel for their woodstove!)

And down comes a big limb…boss is pulling the rope and telling his dude about where to pull it for a safe landing.
Going up…up…for sawing off another big limb.
About halfways done…11am.
Getting there…12 noon.
Almost done with the limbs….1230pm.

Petcretary took us outside after a few hours, to let us do our doggy stuff, and then we went to check on those intruders from a safe distance. We got to where the boss man was standing as he guided those men into what they needed to do, and we both sniffed him. I, Benji, decided he needed a kiss! BOL! Then Dalton stood up on is hind legs, and begged him for some chin scritches. Petcretary nearly fainted. Dalton usually growls at all strange men and is known to bite. Wow! That man had a couple of his own dogs and he didn’t move fast with his arms, or talk loud, so we could tell he was a friendly dude….and so we scored attention! (We did not go to the other men, they were too busy and had those dangerous tree cutting things in their paws hands…)

A few moments later and the limbs and branches are all gone…

They were finally done after about 6 hours of hard work. When all the limbs were gone, and only a tall trunk was left, they put a big rope around it and when the  noisy things did their work, the rope pullers did a tug of war with the trunk, and pulled it off the stump. It came down so hard, it left a crater in the ground! And we could feel the earth shake even inside the house! All that was left was a flat stump….about three feet across. Huge! They counted about 60 rings, so that’s how old that tree was!! 

It took a while, but tree is gone! 145pm.
‘The Stump’
Here you can get a feeling about how big that tree actually was.


They took off the upper part of the stump…230pm…6 hours of hard work!

When those men and their noisy trucks and gear were all gone, we were allowed back out there, without our leashes! We ran over there and sniffed and made pee-mail, and sniffed some more. Dalton climbed up on the stump, but I, Benji decided I had to inspect the rest of the yard instead…

Dalton decided it was a good spot for a selfie when they were allowed back into the yard…315pm.

When those noisy intruders were here, we even managed a selfie!

That noise is awful…and scary, too.
When can we go back outside?? I want to play with all those peeps out there in MY yard!



On a very sad note, you may remember that we had a recent POTP
notice…well, now this kitty family truly needs our support right now,
as their Daddy, the ‘Can-Opener’s’ husband passed away on Jan 14th. You
can visit them to offer your words of comfort and love HERE.
We are hopping along with all the others at The Cat On My Head, aka The Kitties Blue! This is a fun weekly feature, and we love it as much as we love The Kitties Blue, Thanks for hosting, you guys!!

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10 thoughts on “Selfies With Timber!

  1. Tree removal is an art – a skill left to those who know what they are doing. You triggered a memory from the late 1980s. Our street had many tall shagbark hickory trees. One (a few houses away) had to come down. Many of us watch one person bring it down. At times seeing him high in the tree and thinking he was crazy!!!

  2. That sure was an ordeal, and we’re sure not a cheap one at that. So glad your Mom doesn’t have to clean up walnuts all summer and fall. We love your selfie, Dalton, sitting on the stump, and yours, Benji, on the stairs! And we’re very sorry about the back up can opener’s death. Prayers to that family. XOX Xena, Lucy, CHia and Riley

  3. Mee-yow WOW Dalton an Benji what a furabuluss bloggie post!!! That tree was allmost as OLD as BellaSita Mum…shee has 6 more ringss on her, mew mew mew…..
    That CREW were sure purrfessional an wee are reeleeved it all went well.
    Dalton yore Selfiess are so sweet! An Dalton yore lookin mitey hansum purr ususal.
    Mee-yow wee are so furry sad Twilight an Sushi’ss PawPaw has gone to Purr Land~~~wee will go over an try to leeve sum guud werdss….2022 reelly has not been so guud so far…. *sighss*
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

  4. Wow, that was quite the project getting that tree down! That was definitely a job for the pawfessionals! 🙂
    Luke would have been doing a lot of barking, it sounds like you boys were quite good!

  5. We got an arborist in to remove a tree but it was nowhere NEAR as huge as your Walnut tree was. How amazing to see how they took it down! Your commenter Frank is right. Dismantling a tree is a real skill and not something I believe anyone can do. It will be SO worth it too!!!!

  6. Wow, what a day for you guys! I bet you are glad they are gone fur sure! We had a lot of trees cut down that we were afraid were going to fall on our house and the whole town was mad. Dah! We already planted more trees than we took down, like 3 times more. We like to hide in ’em and under ’em. Have a great Sunday!

  7. To Big Walnut: you sure were grand–glad you got a great photo to be remembered by.
    Dalton and Genji-you are brave furs indeed and the nose knows friend or foe.
    xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep
    P.S. we will visit back-up can opener’s site and give purrs of healing.

  8. Nice selfies. That was a big tree. I bet it cost A LOT of money to remove, but was necessary. My hubby has been cutting down all the pines around us and fortunately our friend’s son has a tree business and helped him with the bigger ones. I feel so bad for Twilight, Sushi and their mom. XO

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