Selfie Sunday ~ Flashback Time

Petcretary has been working and when she is home with us, she’s been spendng a lot of time clearing away all the snow that keeps falling at inopportune moments, though when is snow welcome, except maybe at Christmas? The worst time consumption appens after the plow comes by and dumps all kinds of hardness to the end of our driveway. She won’t allow Pawppy to do it on account of his artificail hip and the spinal fusion he had a year ago. And shhe has spent oodles of time at the confuser, making the memorial images for all thoase new angels…such sadness all at once, Sheesh. We are a wee bit in a tizzy around here on account of all that and other issues, too…so we thought it might be fun to look back 2 years, when Benji was new here, and starting his life in our furmily.
So here are some flashback selfies from January 2019.

She hadn’t cleaned all the holiday things yet, and has just finished doing that this year , MOL!
We did not have snow but now we have quite a bit!
A very skinny Benji giving his new brofur a kiss:)
The snow came! Yup, its like that now, too…and we need our coats, well by Monday we will!


Benji has been doing a lot of excavating in our back woods area, so then he comes inside all covered in snowballs and mudballs, too. What a mess when he comes inside! He sure is a naughty rascal…maybe when it freezes harder he might not be so inclined to do that.
You can see all the newest Angels in this post…Feeling Sad ~ Many New Angels
Petcretary was waiting at the school door this past Tuesday, and when the class open ed, she was one of four firsties to enter! Teddy’s Tuesday Teaser Class
And when she saw the teaser picture she recognized it right away! It was Casa Loma, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Not only has she been there many times before moving to Michigan, when she was an infant in the first few months of her life, she was within walking distance of it. Who knows if her Mom took her for stroller walks there?? LOL! So of course she was also the first right guesser!! A double win!!
Here’s The Teaser image:

Casa Loma. Click to enlarge.

These are the badges she won:

There were FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of January 4, 2022 and I was one of them!!

ONE of our First Commenters was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!   Drumroll please!

We told you about our snow, but now we are under a weather advisory for freezing rain and a wintry mix…followed by a sharp dip in the temps to the single digits with highs in the lower teens. Brrr! We for sure will need our coats! Good thing we have lots of sand and salt to deal with all this slippery mess.

 At petcretary’s work we ave seen a sharp increase in positive COVID tests…which means we won’t have the affected staff with us for quite  while…work is hard enough, but when we are short handed it can get awfully busy really fast…overwhelmingly so. So far its only staff and not residents, thankfully. And we all here remain free of this nasty virus and its variants. Now there is talk of a 4th booster…when will this ever end?? So anyways we keep masked in public, and at work of course…and if we have any skin left on our hands…well, all that washing with harsh hospital soap…ugh. Of course they do not provide us with hand lotion at the sinks…

Well, we hope to have a ‘real’ post next time, the operative word being hope!

Sorry if we have been sparse in our visits, we did read some blogs just to keep up, but commenting didn’t always happen…we love you all anyways!

Take care, stay warm and safe! And join us now and every Sunday for The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop! That is something we would hate to miss! We thank you from the bottom of our puppy hearts for always being the wonderful hosts, Miss Janet and all your Kitties Blue!

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8 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday ~ Flashback Time

  1. Thanks for the look back to happier times. Stress is taking its toll all over. Mom Ingrid, please take good care of yourself! We thank you for taking care of the residents, the Dad, Benji and Dalton, and so many others, we’re sure. Exercise we heard is a good way to get rid of stress, so maybe that’s one thing the snow is good for (MOL)! We’re having the same sequence of weather, just a couple of days later. Not looking forward to the single digits–we will have our everything on too. Stay warm, drink lots of hot chocolate and take your naps–xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  2. Concatulations Petcretary1! Yore so clevurr!
    An what lovely flashback fotoss!!
    Benji dude you were so skinny! An now you are a hansum beeuteefull Poochie!! See uud food an care an LOVE can werk meeracullss!!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

  3. All those pictures are wonderful and I’m sure the memories are, too. Poor Benji was so malnourished when he found you to live with. You’ve done a great job, and it’s so good he and Dalton have become friends. Hoping you have a good and healthy new year.

  4. Congrats on the wins at Teddy’s place, I need a separate trophy room for all my Greenies! When we lived in snow country the Dad used to really fuss when the snow plow plowed our driveway closed. I really enjoyed all of the photos today.

  5. All those cuddly faces. You were so lucky to be able to love them and they love you back. I try to look at it this way when one leaves me for the bridge. I am so chummy with Shoko that we go places together. I guess we just click. Too many furries have left us lately and we know that the rest of the family grieves for them. Now, I must comment on the dog clothes. Your dogs do not look happy but I’ll bet their warm as toast. lol

  6. We sure understand being busy! We enjoyed the flashback photos, we are just always happy to see your sweet faces, even if the photos are not brand new. ♥
    We wish there wasn’t so much sadness, and so much craziness in our world right now. We hope this will be the year things finally turn around!

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