Happy Birthday, Petcretary!

 Today our petcretary celebrates another year…and an even bigger number than the last time! BOL! She almost has lost count of how many times she has circled the sun…

And you know what’s neat?? She shares this day with some other well known bloggers; namely, Donna, who is Brinley’s Momma, (And Kinley’s Grandma!), (Or you can find her here as well or even here…), and Granny, of Angel Whisper Blog…and her Little Binky as well!

She used to share this day with her own Mom as well…but now she cannot, since her Mom went to heaven many years ago. She also shared it with her (childhood) dentist, Hah! And a co-worker at the nursing home. Wow, a popular day!

Anypaws, we decided to make her a card, since we love her, she takes good care of us, and makes sure we stay healthy and she gives us lots of love, too:)

We LOVE you, Petcretary…Woofs, Wags and Wiggles from us, your rescue pups!

Later today, our unfurbros will arrive, and they are going to make dinner for Petcretary and Pawppy…of course they will enjoy some of it too…and us?? We are sure hopeful that we’ll get somew delectable tidbits too!

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Petcretary!

  1. Happy Barkday to your Petcretary ! She makes so many great cards for everyone else we’re glad you made her one !

  2. Thanks so much for all the sweet birthday greetings!! Love and hugs to you all!

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