6 thoughts on “In Loving Memory ~ Tuna Of Moon

  1. We are sorry to learn that Tuna has left The Tabbies to fly OTRB. We know she will always be loved and remembered !

  2. Nose Nose Nose!!! Not mee frend Tuna Of Moon….
    BellaSita Mum iss inn teerss an mee has sumthin inn mee eyess two.
    With BellaSita not beein well, wee not vissitin alof of mee frendss as much…mee nevurr gotted to say “Guudbye”….
    Thanx fore yore post….mee go rite over an mee-tow mww sympaffiess…
    **hangss head** BellaDharma an **teeerss** BellaSita Mum

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