Boo! Its Halloween! We Have Selfoweenies!

The last day of October! That means a few things.

First its Sunday, first day of the week and time for our peeps to leave us for a bit as it is time for Church.

Second, it is Halloween. We do not actually take part in this ‘festival’, but we do dress up our pups (and our kitties in the past), just for some fun…and then we just go about our regular business…we do not do trick or treating, and living outside of town, there are only a few tiny peeps indulging in that activity here, sometimes we don’t see any at all. The direct neighbors with children know of our stance on this, so they don’t ring our bell…we think this so called holiday is not in keeping with the way we practice our religious beliefs, (and no we are NOT Jehovah Witness, who celebrate nothing…), we are ordinary protestants with Calvinistic views of life.

Anyways, October 31 is also Reformation Day, commemorating when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the doors of the church in Wittenburg, Germany. The year he did that was 1517. So therefore we celebrate this event with special church services each year. Wow, over 500 years ago!

OK, enough of that stuff…

Petcretary and our yard continue to get pummeled with bazillions of those awful walnut balls. We had a storm on the night of the 24th – 25th, and  along with large limbs falling off the catalpa tree, and smaller ones off the walnut tree, those dang walnuts were coming down like the worst hailstorm ever. The load when she cleaned them up was 3, almost four garden-carts full. YUCK! (She has actually lost count of how many garden-cart-loads she has brought to the big wood pile in the far back of our yard, maybe 2 dozen!) Dalton, being of small stature could almost disappear in that one pile…sheesh! We had almost 4 inches of rain along with all of that…Friday there were 2 shopping bags full…wow, we have never ever had that many in one season…and there are still lots more hanging waiting to crash down…even after two nights of frostiness. We sure need to rid ourselves of this menace…sorry squirrels, you will have to stick with the acorns and walnuts in our backwoods…LOL! (And there are plenty there too, but we don’t bother cleaning them up…LOL!)

The ‘Guilty Tree’!
The ugly walnut harvest
More walnuts, UGH!

The other night when *she* was cleaning up all those walnuts, it was around dusk, and suddenly there were three deer, in the field across the street…and then they ran into the road to cross it, but of course they never look to see if its safe…this time no vehicles came by, but we have seen deer get hit right where they ran over the road. Us pups had fun barking them till they were out of sight in the brush next door. That WAS exciting for a few moments!

Yup, I had to wear that witchy hat, too…


This past Tuesday at Teddy’s Teaser-Ween, petcretary got in the door first with one other, and she got the right answer, too, only she wasn’t first…BOL!  She got this badge for being first in the door:

 And this one for being right, but not first:

There was also a costume contest at the same time. We pups added last week’s ‘ussie’ into that contest…well, we were not the winners, but it still was lots of fun to see everyone else wearing their fun or spooky costumes.We got a badge for that too:

Maybe we should have entered the costumes we are wearing for our selfies this week…but she hadn’t taken the pictures by then…tee-hee!

I prefer this clown hat, BOL!
This witch hat at least has no green hair, BOL!


Here is a cute joke for Halloween:

Why did the skeleton not want to visit the haunted house or cemetery??  Because he had no guts!! LOL!


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9 thoughts on “Boo! Its Halloween! We Have Selfoweenies!

  1. That is a lot of nuts. We have piles of chestnuts like that and now they are getting buggy- ick. You both look great. Happy Halloween! XO

  2. Mew mew mew funny joke!!! Wee loved it!!!
    Dalton an Benji youss’ get cuter efurry time wee vissitss youss’. Dalton yore just such a guud sport. Dalton you are like a Model type.
    Wee ALLWAYSS feel bettur when wee vissitss with youss’!
    Well dun Petcretary on doin so grate @ Tussday Teezer….wee stick at it!! Mew mew mew….
    An Petcretary wee understand yore beeleafss ’bout Halloweeny …..BellaStia was raised Orthydox Mewish (Jewish) an was NOT alloud to go trick an treetin. Shee did go out when shee was 15 an 16 an had fun butt shee mew shee was tool mature to bee doin that.
    An xcept going out with her Stepsonss yeerss ago an to “Rocky Horror Pickture Show” dressed up 2 yeerss inn her 30’ss shee does not pawticipate inn Halloweeny….
    Shee doess like to see peepss an furbabiess dressed up tho’. 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita

  3. We were visited by a doe this past week, walked clear around our back fence and disappeared into the smaill woods back there. It’s hunting season…
    Y’all are adorable in your pretty costumes. (Thank dog Mom doesn’t dress us up!) XOX Xena and Lucy and Chia

    • That sure is a crazy funny costume…don’t think well get one though, LOL!

  4. Holy cow, that is a big tree, no wonder it drops so many nuts! We hope Petcretary can be done with that soon!
    We love your costumes; we don’t celebrate that “holiday” either, but we do like seeing pets looking cute in their costumes (Luke will have nothing to do with that). ♥

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