Sunday Selfies, Mid October

Wow, its already the middle October!
We have been inside a lot past few days as it is soggy, and wet outside…the sky is crying about something or other.
Petcretary picked up 4 big garden cartfuls of walnuts this week, all still from that selfsame tree as she reported about last week. And she has lost count of all the limbs and branches she has cleaned up, they are still coming down. Maybe from all the winds we’ve been having, though not stormy winds, we think they are weakened and the slightest breeze brings them down…or a fat squirrel running over them, LOL! We heard the peeps chatting about likely cutting that offensive tree down, its so huge, they are worried that if the winds were right it could do big damages to our house. We’d then plant a nicer tree in its place. We have lots of oak and maple saplings we could transplant to that spot. There are a lot of other walnut trees in the back of our yard, but they are not such a trouble, though they too have made a bumper crop of those dang walnuts. One can hardly walk there, its like a field of ball bearings! 

Yesterday was our Auntie’s Birthday; we can’t go there right now (Canada), but perhaps next month, if the border would be open. It remains to be seen, because of Covid, the situation changes almost every day. Stupid virus. Petcretary had a long chat with her on the phone; at least they can stay in touch that way.

Well, here we are from a sunnier day!


We had to say goodbye to one of the kitties of our hosts for the Sunday Selfies, The Kitties Blue; this week.

Giulietta was suddenly very ill and gained her Angel Wings. We posted about that  HERE.

But none the less, we’ll show you the card we made in her honor, again.


We send our love and hugs to The Kitties Blue, at the Cat On My Head, and thank them for continuing with this weekly blog hop, known as The Sunday Selfies, despite their sad hearts at this time.

And we all need to keep the purrs, POTP and pawyers coming for Sawyer, he continues to deal with all those seizures, poor little kitty.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies, Mid October

  1. We were sad, too, to learn of G’s passing…
    Well, with oak trees you get acorns all over the ground, and with maple trees, you get whirlygigs. Mom picks whirlygigs as the least troublesome of the 3 options. And Angel Lexi could tell stories about even parts of big trees falling and doing a lot of damage! XOX Xena and Lucy

  2. Good ide to get the tree cut down for safety, but it may cost a small fortune. Nice selfies. And Happy Birthday to your auntie. XO

  3. Hope your sun shines soon and those pesky walnuts get eaten by pesky squirrels. Oak or maple, there will be lots of leaves to sweep up (meowmie is doing lots of that…)
    Have a good week, xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  4. We don’t have walnut trees here, but the acorns are out of control for sure! We are lucky no one has gotten bonked in the head when we go on our woods walks, or even right out in Luke’s yard!
    We hope Petcretary can get to see her sister soon, that must be tough to go so long without a visit.
    Love your selfie!!

  5. EEEKKK yore Walnut Tree iss outta control….maybee it doess need a bit of a trim back….
    Wee two are havin Autumm windss an rain an cloudy dayss. Mee was out in Condo this mornin an came inn beefore it started to rain. Just inn time! This happenss alot up here Petcretary….
    Dalton an Benji yore Ussie sElfie iss adoorabell. Wee love youss’ so much!
    **purrss** an **nose bumpss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita

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