Sunday Selfies, September Twelfth.

 Yoo-Hoo! Its Sunday selfie time once again.Wow the week does fly by!

We had some noisy (not) fun here past Tuesday evening…when we had quite a violent thunderstorm screeching through here. At least we didn’t get blown away. The neighbor’s kiddy pool was traveling through the yard all on its own, BOL! Mr B got all wet trying to snag it and put it in his shed…which after the storm was squished by three big trees that fell on it..and those trees also fell on our fence that divides our properties. What a mess. There was a fourth dead tree that also came down in our yard…from his…oh well, the fence is a wee bit bent but still patent and we can’t get out…shucks, it would be fun maybe, to have a jaunt around the hood…BOL!

While we were inside waiting for this storm to pass, we heard all kinds of noises, like hail big hail, hitting our house…and while there was just enough light to see out there, petcretary saw that our walnut tree of some 40plus years was not upright but the branches were horizontal! It was amazing that it wasn’t blown out of the ground. The ‘hail’ we heard was a bazillion walnuts being shaken off the tree and tossed around by the strong winds. Its a wonder they didn’t break windows! Some are the size of tennis balls…And *she* found a bunch of them on the other side of our house! Wow! No idea what the force of that wind was, but we are thankful our house wasn’t damaged, and that this was straight line winds, not a tornado. There were dozens of large branches broken off the tree and not a few limbs…but when we look at it, you’d never know it had endured such windy abuse. So cleaning up just the mess from the walnut tree took several hours and now the walnuts are still strewn all over the grass…more hours of work to pick them all up…the squirrels will love a chance to stock up their larders for the winter ahead…BOL!

You know what?? She did not take any pics of this event! What?? She just wanted it to get cleaned up asap…walking there right now is like trying to walk on ball bearings. Yikes!

The peeps in town fared worse, they lost power for a while and there were a lot of uprooted trees, etc. So we are thankful we are relatively unscathed.

This past Tuesday at the teaser, petcretary was not a firstie…and she wasn’t a first right guesser either! Though she did have the correct answer…oh well, another time maybe!

Here we are for this week’s selfies:

Can I have my treat now pawlease??!
Did someone say treats?? Mmmm!



We saw in the POTP/RB postings that Captain Cuddles left the earth suddenly, to become a handsome new angel. While we didn’t know this sweetie, we made a memorial card in his honor, to help give a wee bit of comfort to his family. You can visit him here.

Captain Cuddles


If we are missing a lot this upcoming week, our pawrents are leaving us in the loving care of our unfurbro-the-elder, as they must go out of town for several days…we’ll try to stop in, if petcretary has a free moment…else we’ll see ya next time!


We are joining the others with our selfies at The Kitties  Blue, who are the weekly hosts of this fun and popular blog hop. We thank them for their faithfulness in doing this for many years already, each and every week! You can join up too, just click on the caption under the logo, below.

The Kitties Blue would love for you to join in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!



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8 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies, September Twelfth.

  1. That does sound like a mess. Nice selfies. I hope your folks have a nice trip and stay safe from COVID. XO

  2. YIKESS!!!! Wee had THE same storm~~ Wee got off with little damage but there were Tornadoess inn THE West an South of us an Port Elgin looked like a Bomm hit it….
    Rite now (Tuesday aftur 5 Pee Em) wee are havin another Funderstorm!!! Wee seem to bee gettin 1-2 a WEEK! BellaSita keepss lookin out THE window to check color of THE sky! 😉
    Dalton an Benji yore Selfiess are allways so lovelee….you both have such soul full eyess……BellaSita *sighss** ALOT when shee seess yore fotoss’!
    Wee hope Petcretary an Pappy get efurrything cleened up beefore you get another funderstorm!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita

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