Happy Fifth Birthday, Dalton!


Yesterday was Dalton’s Birthday…he became 5! Today is unfurbro-the-younger’s birthday! Next week is petcretary’s Niece’s birthday…August is busy!

But we are just going to focus on Dalton today, cause it is HIS special time:)

He got a new stuffie…complete with a rope and a squeaker…a bag of calming treats…(yeah, *she* gave that as a present…phooey!), a box of chewy sticks, yes he loves those, and a Birthday ‘Pie’…and he wasn’t too eager to have at it…sheesh, he is strange…though he did eat up a piece after the camera was gone…but *she* fooled him and got a pic with him eating it:) 

(I, Dalton, let Benji share a piece too, but even he did not want it…at all! Though during the night he had an upset tummy and woofed his cookies all over the carpet, maybe he just wasn’t interested in treats…he didn’t eat breakfast either…sigh..he seems OK otherwise, and likely will gobble up his supper…he diid, phew!!)

Dalton has been with us almost 4 years, now, but the only real changes are his weight…increased to make him look like a little footstool sometimes…so he is going to try to shed some of that…he still hates Pawppy, and tries to bite his legs when its time for him to go to his work…Petcretary thinks he gets braver when the ‘culprit’ is leaving and not facing him…his hackles are often raised when he does that…the baggage load he still carries is so heavy he cannot seem to trust his own daddy yet, even though Daddy serves the food and the treats. He hasn’t been able to learn new tricks easily, though with much repetition he has learned to catch a treat if it gets tossed for him. He only plays with toys if Benji initiates a tug of war game…but they do get along very well, and play lots of the famous ‘Bitey Face’ games.

Oh well, he seems happy enough, so we’ll just let him be here on his own terms; and focus on his good traits, to bolster his confidence and demeanor, as even with me, petcretary, he cowers, though not aggressively. Hopefully one day he might decide that his pawppy is NOT a threat. Poor dude, we just cannot imagine the abuse he must have suffered at the hands of a man…he does fine with ladies.

The weather is nice enough, just WAY too hot and humid, we both are spending a lot of time just lounging inside where its nice and cool with AC. 

You know what??  They locked us both in the house at about 5pm…and didn’t come back till after 9 pm…sheesh. Something about having dinner with the other birthday boy…but they did not bring me or Benji anything in one of those doggy bags. Us two just got our regular meal and treats. Oh well, at least we got that, BOL!!

Its a big full moon tonight! Wow, it is a so called blue moon, but it was orange! Very orange, must be the atmosphere is all quite polluted with the smoke from all those nasty forest fires out west. *She* forgot to make a picture of it, maybe tomorrow…

This week, petcretary was not a first commenter at Teddy’s place, but she did have the right answer, though she wasn’t first with that either, LOL!! See furends, she is normal!!

As usual we are in the Sunday selfies, we can’t begin to thank the Kitties Blue enough for hosting this weekly feature!We are joining up with all the Sunday Selfies at The Cat On My Head; you can too, just click here!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Fifth Birthday, Dalton!

  1. Happy Birthday to Dalton
    Happy Birthday to Dalton
    You are such a good pup dear friend
    Happy Birthday to Dalton
    Goodness dogness we did not know and now have you in our calendar. Purrs for many happy returns
    Angel Timmy, Dad and Family

  2. Happy Birthday, Dalton! It sounds like you had a good day. We have our paws crossed that you will be sitting on your loving pappy’s lap for your next birthday picture. Then we’ll ALL celebrate! XOX Lucy and Xena

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Dalton! I am sorry you had such a rough start in life, but I am happy you have such a loving family now. XO

  4. Happy happy 5th Birfday deer Dalton!!! You have come along way. And yore lookin mitey festive inn yore Birfday selfie……
    Benji yore so payshunt with yore Brothur an you two Petcretary an Pappy!
    Petcretary mee an Dalton tiwnss! Mee iss still snappy an pouncey with clawss allmost 3 yeerss later with LadyMew. Mee can bee furry guud which mee iss most of THE time. Butt without Feliway Diffuser plugged inn…mee ternss innto “Mini-Zilla” LadyMew callss mee that! Mew mew mew….
    All mee can say iss to just bee payshunt an calm…one day Dalton an mee will come around!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

  5. Happy Birthday, Dalton!! We wish you would get more comfortable, especially with your humans who love you so, but it is nice that you are in a home with loving people who are patient and willing to let you be who you are. ♥♥♥

  6. A big Happy Birthday to Dalton! All the best wishes that he will settle in more, with time. We have had some kitties that had to be with us on their own terms too. Many congrats on knowing the right answer to the Teaser!

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