Sunday Selfies ~ Its August!

Wow, its already the second Sunday of August. Summer is running away fast, but as far as the hots and the humidity, we can do without those. Its supposed to be 95F here today…UGH. We can start to look forward to the crisp days of late summer and early fall.

Anypaws, we bring you our selfies for this week:

The grass is a lot softer and greener than in July when it was all brown and crunchy.
I am being a bit contrary and wanted to take my selfie in the sandy shade under the lilac bush…

 Petcretary scored another first commenter badge with several others this past Tuesday…and she had the right answer, but wasn’t quite hasty  enough writing it down…LOL! Teaser Tuesday Aug 3,2021

Oh boy! I was an early bird and was able to be a FIRST COMMENTER. along with Timmy, Sharon and Janet on the Teaser post of August 3, 2021!
This is the badge Petcretary got for her right but not first answer.

 Today is International or World Cat Day, so here are a couple of faves of petcretary of Angels Pipo & Minko



Most of you kitty peeps might know of Dori from Adorapurr. Her furmily was pals with another blogging lady who had a doggy named Chazz…he passed a little while ago to the Heavenly Realms, known as the Rainbow Bridge…

We send them our condolences and we made a memorial card to honor little Chazz.

You can visit Dori here; and you can visit Chazz’s blog here.

Dori made a beautiful tribute for Chazz on her blog…


 We are joining up with the Sunday selfies at The Kitties Blue. We thank and love them for being so faithful in hosting this weekly feature, cause its a lot of fun and we love posting ourselves there:)

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies ~ Its August!

  1. Adorable photos of your doggy guys and your Angels Pipo and Minko! Congrats on being a firstie and a rightie at the Teaser! The kitties and I are very sorry to hear about the loss of Chazz.

  2. Oh it’s lovely to see Pipo and Minko for International Cat Day. Have a good one Angels.

    You are a machine with that quiz I would never get half of those!!!!!

  3. Great Selfies Fellows and Happy International Cat Day. Woo Hoo. It is so very good to see Pipo and Minko visiting for this special day. Me, Buttons and Buddy Budd flew down from the Bridge to visit the family too. Now lets all Party like kitties should!
    PS Congrats on that double win at Teasers. We will miss it this week but will be back. Thanks for the great Goodbye Badge for Chazz . We know our pal Dori was really sad as was the webs

  4. Lulu: “I like to bake in the sun sometimes, but mostly I am also a fan of the shade. I even have a hole that I dug around the side of the house so I can lie down in the shade of the lavender. Mama says it makes me smell pretty good!”

  5. GRATE Selfiess Daltona an Benji…Dalton you make such cute *kissey* eyess.
    An Benji yore just so hansum!
    Thanx Petcretary fore fotoss of Minko (LadyMew’ss seecret crushie) an Pipo (mee seecret crushie) ❤ ❤
    Iss *hot* an hu-mid today here an smokey an hazey from Northern Wildyfiress. LadyMew even tried wearing a filter mask to feed birdiess an critterss butt cuud not breethe. It iss bru-tall outside!
    Stay kewl deer frendss…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

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