Happy 34th Anniversary To Petcretary and Pawppy!

We wish Petcretary and Pawppy a Happy Anniversary!

Happy 34th Anniversary To Petcretary and Pawppy!
Yes it is the day to celebrate the fact that on July 25th, 1987, our pawrents got married! Wow, that is EONS ago!!

Petcretary and Pawppy on their wedding day, 1987

We wish them all the best, and many many more years together in good health….so they can continue to care for us pups! (LOL!) (This picture is precious to petcretary as it wasn’t made by the hired photographer, but by her Dad…)…and look at how skinny they were back then…LOL, LOL!!

Here they are today:

Petcretary and Pawppy got  treated to a lovely supper at their favorite restaurant, after which this picture was made.

(Sorry we couldn’t get that to post in the center or any larger…)

We are happy, too along with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On my Head, that Sawyer who ran off  was found and brought back safely to his home a few nights ago. HOORAY! You can read all about it here and here.

We continue to worry about all those affected by the scary fires in much of the west, both here in the USA, and in Canada. Not only are there fires, it is hot to the extreme and way too dry.

And over in Europe, a lot of countries are experiencing severe flooding due to WAY too much rain.

Yikes, the weather is angry for some reason…and its one of the very few things we have no control over, other than to have some fore-warnings…sheesh:(

Our own weather seems normal, at least for now, its summery hot and humid, but we expect that here in July. We have had enough rain, so that we really are not in the drought we were in earlier. The grass and weeds are growing…well like weeds! LOL! The worst troubles we are having right now is mosquitoes! Those little zoomers are HUNGRY! They are all over us, assaulting us as soon as you even just open the door to go out…so its like Bzzz…slap…bzzzz…slap! (Humans and furs alike, they want our blood…phooey!)

Last Tuesday, Petcretary got in the school front door very early, along with 4 others…a quintet of first commenters at the Tuesday Teaser!

This photo is of a most interesting place – a “spa town” – called BAD
KREUZNACH in Germany!   VERY interesting place and if you’d like more
info just CLICK HERE.

She studied the teaser picture for a while and enlarged it…then she saw a flag hanging off a balcony…ta-dah! Then at least she knew the country…and after some more searching, she had the right answer…and it was the first right answer!! Ooohh! She’s hot when she’s hot!!

Anypaws, she got these badges for her efforts.

WOW – I was one of FIVE First Commenters on the Teaser post of July 20, 2021! We’re FAST!
I managed to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER (again!) on the Teaser post of July 20, 2021. YAY FOR ME!

Petcretary made a couple of memorial mementos this past week…

First she made one for Sunny Sunshine of Life at Golden Pines

Then one of the residents where petcretary works saw some of the art that she makes for the angel furs…and she asked if Petcretary might make one of her recently passed away pup? Well?? Why not. This lady is on hospice care, and anything that will brighten her day, well, petcretary is all up for that. When this sweet lady got the pic in her email, she was so happy. She asked her daughter to get it printed and framed so she can hang it up in her room. Oh…Girly…I hope you made many fine memories in the 18 years of your little life, for your Mommy to cherish, each time she thinks of you.

Girly (2003 – 2021)
We are joining all the others in The Sunday Selfies, a Blog Hop hosted by The Kitties Blue at the Cat On My Head…and we are very thankful along with them that Sawyer is HOME!

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11 thoughts on “Happy 34th Anniversary To Petcretary and Pawppy!

  1. Many congrats to Petcretary and Pawppy on the 34th Anniversary! Love their pictures! Big congrats also, to Petcretary for being a Teaser firstie at the door, and the first right guesser!
    Nice cards for SunnySunshine and Girly, the kitties and I send purrs and sympathy to their families.
    And a great big YAY for Sawyer being home!

  2. Well done with with the badges. You do so well with thee things and leave everyone trailing in your wake, LOL!!

    The weather is angry. The whole Planet is angry, we need to listen.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! Although my husband and I are close to your age, we married later in life, so we are celebrating #25.

  4. A very Happy Anniversary to two very special people ❤
    It warms our hearts to know love and commitment are alive and well in this troubled world. Congratulations on your Teaser trophy. We think we were first-ever too but we lost power for a day and forgot to check. Purrs for those pups.

  5. Charlee: “Happy anniversary to Petcretary and Pawppy! Many happy returns!”
    Chaplin: “We sure are glad Sawyer is home!”
    Lulu: “And I send lots of tail wags to everyone affected by the fires and bad weather this year.”
    Charlee: “Oh, yeah, and we Hipsters send purrs. We know what it’s like to have to run away from a fire!”

  6. Deepest sympaffiess to Sunny Sunshine’ss Hu’manss an Girly’ss Meowmy~~may all their fotoss an memoreess bee a cpmfert to them.

    Happy 34th Annie-versary Petcretary an PawPaw!! You both look purrty much THE same as inn 1987…..Concatulationss! May yore day bee as wudnerfull as you both are!

    An well dun Petcretary with yore Quintet of Teezer Winss! Yore amazin!

    Dalton an Benji yore twogether Selfie iss furabuluss! Yore such sweet Poochie doggiess!

    An if wee cuud shup all THEE rainss to Wildyfiress wee wuud!! Wee have over 100 firess burnin North of us an wee gettin chokey smoke from them….An Red Lake iss over 700 MILESS away!!! EEKKK!!!

    Let us hope this week iss bettur….pleese Sky Cat make thingss bettur!! Rite Dalton? Rite Benji?
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

  7. Wishing your folks a wonderful anniversary!! Congrats to the petcretary for being first and for being correct. XO

  8. Happy anniversary to your folks! Petrecary did such a wonderful thing for the nursing home resident. We’re sure girley gave her Mom many wonderful memories to cherish.

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