Selfies On Sunday

 Here we are…our feet are drying out after all the rain we had the past few days. Seems like we either have too much, or not enough. All the moisture made of high humidity…and mosquitoes! They swarm everyone as soon as they open the door to go out. Some even have tried to invade the inside of our dwelling. But they are taken care of as soon as we hear that typical high pitched buzzing… its like buzz-slap…buzz…buzz.slap!

Its hard to believe we are already halfway though July! How the time does fly!

Anypaws…here are our selfies for this week…nothing fancy…

Sideways…no looking, but my ears are all erect for a change! BOL!
Looks like I wasn’t too thrilled to have that camera pointed at me…



This past week, we lost Clooney, however we didn’t know him, though many loved him tons. You can visit his family here if you wish.



We also had to say good bye to Finley Rose, who flew away to the RB, to be with her many Angel-furmily members, and lots of Angel-furends as well.

Petcretary knew her and her whole furmily since 2009, long before we even thought of blogging…and we were in a amazing web site for dogs (and cats), called Dogster (and Catster),  we sure miss that fun site. (When it went away, in 2014, that’s when we started our blog.)

While we made a post on July 15th to honor her, here are the memorial pics we put into that post.

Finley, we will all miss you, may your memories be treasured forever in the hearts of all who knew and loved you so very much.



We are all still pawyering very hard for Sawyer to come back home…he is SO missed by his family. We won’t give up.

Sawyer is a member of The Kitties Blue who are the weekly hosts of The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.

You can join the hop too, by clicking on the caption under their logo…and we thank them so much for always faithfully hosting this fun hop each week.

Join the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, Here.


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10 thoughts on “Selfies On Sunday

  1. Charlee: “Oooh! We don’t have mosquitoes here, but we like the idea of getting bugs into the house that we could chase and eat.”
    Lulu: “According to Dada, mosquitoes are bugs that chase and eat YOU.”
    Chaplin: “I would like to see them try!”
    Lulu: “According to Dada, no, you really wouldn’t like that very much …”

  2. I’m glad you’re drying out some and your selfies are terrific! Those sure are sad losses but we’re still praying for Sawyer to come home.

  3. Charming selfies! That’s very sad about Clooney and Finley, and we too are still hoping that Sawyer will come home.

  4. Dalton, we love your profile picture, and seeing your ears up.
    Benji, you took a picture in your serious mode. Very nice.
    You must have sent the rain our way. It’s really pouring here. We don’t know how we’re going to do our “last outies” for the night.
    XOX Xena and Lucy

  5. Petcretary yore badgess are allwayss so beeuteefull. An yore so thottfull to take time to make them!
    Wee sorry ’bout George Clooney too. Hee was SUM man cat! An wee sorry ’bout Finley Rose Poochie two. Shee was allwayss so much fun to hang out with on bloggie.
    An wee still purrayin for Sawyer to come home…poor Aunty Janet an Unkell Tom!
    Thanx fore yore lovelee Selfiess Dalton an Benji. Youss’ allwayss cheer us up!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDahrma an {{{huggiess}}} LadyMew

  6. Very nice job on your selfies! We’re so sad for all these losse, but at least there is some good news – we just went to check on Sawyer and we’re so happy to see he is back home!!

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