10 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!!

  1. Fore us it was not a Happy Day…to know so many Native kittss are buried inn Mother earth an were furgotten…it iss a sad an not nice situation…Catnada iss not THE GRATE nation it purrtendss to bee.
    Our heartss ache fore “School” (more like Internment Camp) Survivorss an fore furamilless who lsoted their furamille memburrss…..
    May all Catnadian Hu’manss leern from this…
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

    • Oh, dear, that was not in our news; imagine.
      I looked it up. How awful:(

      • Deer Petcretary an Dalton an Benji FORE REEL?? Iss all over THE werld ’bout this diss-gustin part of hiss-tory! LadyMew’ss PawPaw told her many storiess ’bout missin Native kittss…hee said they wuud not bee foun inn his lifetime butt hee hoped inn herss’…
        An now all these unmarked gravess….so furry horrabad!
        LadyMew iss hopin our Province Ontario does not hold such bad seecretss….butt shee thinkss far up North there cuud bee reemainss…
        It is shockin!!! An so furry sad!

        • We don’t watch the mainline news shows…and I did not hear it on the radio either. Shucks, like you said, it should not be covered up…but let the world know there are bad peeps in Canada…and of course hopefully for every bad peep there are thousands of good and upright ones,.

    • Thanks!
      Petcretary is indeed Canadian, but we all live in Michigan…since 1987 when she married and came to live in the USA.

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