Happy Birthday, Pawppy!


Today is Pawppy’s Birthday, so we are posting his card as a guest selfie.

And here we are, its hot and humid lately and the rains are very sparse, so everything desperately needs a good drink.Petcretary spends about an hour every day watering saplings, patio pots and garden plots. She is nursing a lot of seedlings, and transplanted hostas, lilies and bleeding hearts plants; if they dry out, there won’t be anything there next year as they are perennials.

We like to find a bare spot under some low trees, there isn’t much grass there, the dirt feels cool, so we lay there a lot, in the shade. Our selfies are taken there this week. 

Once again, petcretary cored at Teddy’s Tuesday Teaser…a double score! She was first into the classroom along with four others. Kitty Kop sure had a time keeping order! LOL! The other firsties were, Sharon, from Friends Furever, Timmy from Tomcat Commentary along with his Dad Pete, Csilla, from Kolytyi, and Carol, from Home Sweet Home in Wyoming..

Then petcretary was first with the right answer for this picture.

This is Oheka Castle in Huntington, New
York and it’s actually a HOTEL now!   Here’s some great info on this
incredible looking place CLICK HERE.

 So she got these two badges:

Holy Cow! FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of June 8, 2021 and I was ONE OF THEM!!!

Yet again Miss Ingrid is a double Firstie – she wasn’t the only FIRST
COMMENTER but she was one of the first and then she guessed the Teaser
photo right.    Congratulations Miss Ingrid………when you’re HOT you’re

 OH BOY! I was the First Right Guesser on the Teaser post of June 8, 2021 !!! WOW!

Come by early some Tuesday morning…its fun and you might even be a winner and get a badge!

Petcretary gave a notice to the peeps at her work, to reduce her hours to two days a week instead of three. That means more ‘US’ time, right?? Hopefully her stress levels will decrease, and more things/projects might get accomplished at home. Really?? As if, BOL, BOL! We need her more that all the stuff she wants to do…snicker, snicker…

We sure hope you have a wonderful birthday, Pawppy! Enjoy your special day!

We are joined up to the Kitties Blue’s weekly Blog-hop, known as the Sunday Selfies. We love that hop and we are thankful that Miss Janet takes time out each week to graciously host this fun feature with all of her kitty assistants.

You, too can hop in with your selfie!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Pawppy!

  1. A very Happy Birthday to your Pawppy! And cute selfies, guys! Congrats again to Petcretary on the being a Firstie AND a First Right Guesser on the Teaser!

  2. Happy Birthday Pawppy! We wish you and yours a super nice Day and some sky water to come for Petcretary’s plants. Boys you are doing some mighty fine Selfies. Yes you are!

  3. Whoo, so much good news here! Petcretary really knows her geography!! And she’s going to be home more with you – that’s the best!! You boys are smart to find the cool places to hang out. Happy Birthday to your Pawppy!!

  4. You two look fabulous and congrats to the Petcretary for the double win over at Teddy’s place. Happy, Happy Birthday to your Pawppy from all of us!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Pawppy! Nice selfies. ANd double congrats to the petcretary for being first commenter and corret guesser. Keep cool! XO

  6. Wee ADOOR yore ‘down to earth’ selfiess Dalton an Benji~~you both are so cute!!
    Happy beelated Birfday Wishess to yore Pappy two.
    An Petcretary yore simplee amazin…..
    **purrss** BellaDahrma an LadyMew

  7. wishing a belated happy birthday to your pawppy. He looks like he’s a nice person. We are glad your Mom can cut her hours at work. We’re sure that kind of work is stressful. Our Mom thinks she can get more stuff done when she has extra time, too. Why don’t these peeps realize that’s just more time for us? XOX Xena and Lucy

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