Selfies On Sunday

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Here we are once again on a Sunday. Wow the days fly by! Petcretary has been busy with all kinds of this and that, so she doesn’t always get to let us visit…sometimes we get a few done and then its like 3 am…sheesh, get to bed, we need to sleep too, LOL/BOL! We have not forgotten our friends, let us assure you all of that! *She* just says its hard to keep up! Oh well…

We watch her dragging watering cans to all her little oak tree saplings, and to the other transplanted perennials…it is SO dry here, we really need a bunch of good rainy days, even though we hate them, the plants need it.

And of course she has to go to her work, several shifts each week…we hear her talking to pawppy about reducing her hours to maybe 2 shifts a week…sort of like a semi retirement! What? She needs tires?? BOL!

She has to mow our yard too, she won’t allow pawppy to attempt that chore, the ground here is uneven and full of holes…mole trails and dug out holes, complements of us…Hmmm, sorry pawppy, but we want to help you get rid of those pesky varmints. He still has some issues with his mobility from all his back problems and surgery last year…but he thinks he is very slowly getting better. He pretty much does everything as he did before. It sure would be nice to have a garden hand to help with that, but who is going to pay him?? Meanwhile it adds plenty of steps to her Fitbit, LOL!

We had some nights when it was quite frosty, we can see damage on some of the plants, but things are perking up now. We hope that maybe the frost made the black walnut harvest very minor, as those things are such a mess each fall…Maybe soon the garden plants can be left outside all the time…its a pain to lug all the containers into the back porch each night…but better than losing them to the frosts.  There are a whole lot of self seeded cilantro seedlings coming up in one large planter box, so we have to cover that up, its too big to bring inside. Earlier today, as she was watering the plants, she noticed a lot of scraggly columbine plants. She thought they were frost bitten, but no, they were worm bitten. UGH:(                     So she had to pick off dozens of little green worms that thought they had hit the buffet of their lives…um…no way!

The other day, we were closely watching the neighbor’s kitty, when his family came outside and chatted with petcretary for a wee bit. The kitty’s name is Sparkle!! (A boy…petcretary sort of grinned to herself when she heard that name…).  Anypaws, she had a bunch of nip cutting in her hand from trimming them…so she threw them over the fence to Sparkle…and he had the hugest nip fest ever!! He was a space cadet kitty…and we all laughed and enjoyed his antics…rolling, kicking the larger sprigs, jumping in the air, and so on:). It was like he’s never had any nip before. He is a young grey/brown tabby, and is very friendly and came right up to the fence…(and of course the camera was in the house)…best he doesn’t try coming into our yard, though…we might not like that…afterall, he is NOT our Pipo…He wasn’t outside when more nip clippings were harvested, so she threw them in their driveway for him to find later…

Here are our selfies for this week’s Sunday Selfies:

Deep in my own thoughts, but not looking at petcretary, BOL!

Since Google is being mean and taking our Feedburner away, does anyone know how to add a widget to add a subscribe to Mail-Chimp Button??  You can subscribe to the Bloglovin widget we already have. We use that, and its pretty good, have used it for many years already. Trying to get a CSV list of my current subscribers is a wicked process even if you follow all the directions. Phooey. You all might need to resubscribe once/if we get the new widget(s) up and running. Sigh…

 Last Tuesday at Teddy’s Teaser we were the one and only ‘firsties’ through the door! Where were the others?? Still snoozing, LOL! But then, when we had found the spot that was what we were looking for, we started to read all about it…and thus we were not first with our right answer! Oh well…that’s how it goes:) 

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of May 11, 2021! I was an EARLY BIRD!

 Yesterday was Straw Hat Day…well, we missed it, (Shhh, she forgot…)…so here is an flashback of us wearing our straw hats…


We made a memento/card for BearCat, who recently had to become an Angel Kitty.

Join in all the fun with your own selfie, at The Kitties Blue, who faithfully host this feature each week! Thanks, Kitties Blue, we love you!!

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11 thoughts on “Selfies On Sunday

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful graphic for Bear and for remembering him. I miss him and it’s not easy – but amazing friends like you truly make a difference. Thank you.

  2. Lulu: “Your yard sounds a lot like our yard, right down to the big holes that mysteriously appear in it!”
    Charlee: “They’re not THAT mysterious.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, Lulu, everyone knows you’re the one who digs them.”

  3. Petcretary is a busy lady! I know how she feels, most days I can’t keep caught up on everything either. We’re glad she can find a little time to share your sweet faces with us and give us some updates too! Spring is always a busy time, so maybe it settles down once we get into summer and the plants are all in the ground safely. 🙂

  4. Such darling selfies in those hats! Petcretary does keep incredibly busy! Congrats on being the only firstie on the Teaser!
    That is a beautiful card for Bear, we are very sad about the loss of Bear too.

  5. Love yore Straw Hat selfiess Dalton an Benji…yore both so dappurr!
    An yore Selfiess for Sunday are beeuteefull…..Benji you have a wistyfull look inn yore eyess. Dalton you are so hansum when seereus!
    An Petcretary concatulationss on beein ferst on Tuesdayz Teezer…..
    Wee are sorry ’bout Bear Cat an hope his Hu’manss will find comfert inn theri fotoss an memoreess…..
    **purrss** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  6. Hi there Dalton and Benji. Great selfies, and you look great in your straw hats. It’s too bad us pups cant’ give our Moms the kind of help they sometimes need, but we are real good at giving them lots of love and happiness, right? Oh, and it’s nice your Mom found a new use for that nip. XOX Xena and Lucy

  7. Congrats for being first commenter. I think your mom should cut back her hours. You both look extra handsome in your straw hats. I hope she gets a photo of Sparkle. That is a beautiful card for Bear Cat’s momma. XO

  8. You two look terrific, I love your photos and how cool you have a kitty neighbor. We are all very sad about dear Bear.

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