Sunday!! Selfies! (Petcretary Is Frustrated…)

 Hello everyone!

Its Sunday again, so that means its time for our selfies and all the other important stuff we want to tell you about. Or woof about as the case may be.

A little while ago we showed you our Weeping Cherry tree…well by now all the blossoms are gone, and its all green with leaves. But: There is a smaller tree in front of it, called a dogwood. Our pawrents brought it here from Pawppy’s home in Washington DC, many years ago…along with a purple lilac. The lilac is slow to thrive, and it only puts out a few blooms, and the dogwood, while it doesn’t bark…(so then WHY is it called a dogwood??),  it does bloom now, it took many years for that to happen, so we love to see it, even if it isn’t a ‘prize specimen’!

Here you can see the cherry tree in leaf, the dogwood ‘barking’ with blossoms and under that is the top of our little lilac. Perhaps it needs more sunlight, its quite overtaken by the other two larger trees.
This is one of the very few, soon to blossom sprigs on our lilac…well, it tries, LOL!!


Now you might ask, why is petcretary so frustrated?? Well, as many of you already know, if you have a widget on your blog’s sidebar: Follow by Email, well, that comes from ‘feed burner’, and its going to be disabled at the end of June, so that it will no longer work to send all of you faithful followers an email letting you know that we have posted. So please use our Bloglovin widget and sign up that way, we use it and its pretty good. Sometimes it says the blog page is not available; but then after another try or two or three, its there. Must be a glitch from too many peeps trying to read a particular blog…but the notices DO get out. We’ve used it for years. Check it out!

We will try to get on Mail Chimp or another email server, and that is where the annoying things start to happen, since *she* is not technically inclined…sheesh! She’s about to pull out her hair, LOL! Pawppy didn’t even know what to do about it…of course his tech knowledge is of a very different than this kind of thing…

Well, if anyone knows what/how to do, could they help her out?? We want to have you easily be able to read our blog posts and not have to hunt in the web for them…they might get lost that way, BOL!

Well, at any rate we have made some cuties to cheer her up:

Last Tuesday at Teddy’s Tuesday Teaser, Petcretary provided the picture that was the Teaser!

Muskoka region, Ontario, Canada; Picture provided by Angela Nirta, a (Catster) friend, who lives in  London, Ontario. Petcretary lived there before she came to Michigan!

 And she was in the crowded doorway to be first, a total of five were jamming the door! LOL!

Nobody was able to guess that place…not even any Canadians who visited the Teaser.
So it was a doozy or a whopper of a teaser!! These were the proffered badges:

I was one of FIVE (yes I said FIVE) students who were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of April 27, 2021. Amazing!


My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of April 27, 2021 AND it FOOLED EVERYONE!


We had to say goodby over the past week, to some blogging furry ones. So sad…sheesh, will those doors to the RB ever stay closed?

Anyways in no particular order…here are the newest Angels that we knew about:

Pierre, from Sometimes Cats Herd You
Pip, from Catscue
Sophie, from Life At Golden Pines
We are hopping along with all the other Sunday Selfies at The Kitties Blue. Won’t you join us, too? They faithfully put out this hop each week, and we thanks them for all their hard work. We love you all, Kitties Blue!

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10 thoughts on “Sunday!! Selfies! (Petcretary Is Frustrated…)

  1. Beautiful dogwoods, Ingrid! We don’t know why but those dogwoods that used to be in the forest have now quit blooming . . . I love the lilacs too, those don’t just grow here. Friends have brought in from other areas and tried to get them to grow and they just wouldn’t. Very cute pictures of the puppers! I don’t know anything about those email feed things, sorry, but my mind is a tech-free zone.
    Congrats on being a firstie (again!) in the teaser, and that picture you provided was very beautiful!
    So sad about Pierre, Pip, and Sophie. I know how sad it is to part with our animal friends.

    • We drove back and forth to the next town this morning, and there are plenty of wild dogwoods that I noticed:)
      I hope you can get to see them there too. Maybe they got frostbitten??

  2. Wee are furry sad to reed Pieere cat an Sophie Poochie went to Purr Land. An wee are inn ittybitty bitss over Pip here!! LadyMew tooked his leevin furry hard….shee thott of Pip as THE re-incarnation of ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha….
    Yore Selfiess are so wunderfull. You are so hansun Dalton an Benji!
    Petcretary mee meowed to LadyMew ’bout yore techie issuess an shee said shee knowss even less than you due!! Mee will get LadyMew to find that button you meowed ’bout…wee NOT want to lose touch with youss’!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) LadyMew

  3. Have you tried JetPack plugin, which offers the closest alternative to FeedBurner subscribe via email?functionality. Look in WordPress under plugins.

  4. You two really do look fabulous and the Muskoka area sure looks pretty. We understand your Mom’s frustration but Google is horrible and they just proved it once again.

  5. Beautiful blooms and adorable selfies. I am frustrated about feedburner too. I was sad to see Pierre and Pip had passed.. I did not know Sophie, but I will head over to give condolences. XO

  6. Love the selfies you two!! I can’t help with all that technical stuff, sorry. I had to hire someone to help me, because I have zero patience when it comes to that stuff!
    We have two lilac bushes by our house. The one that is more shaded by the big trees does not blossom nearly as much as the one that is in the sun, so that may be what’s going on with yours. I always wanted a dogwood tree, yours is very pretty!

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