Sunday Selfies, Rerun Style

 Petcretary gave us a break today, so we are going to have some ‘reruns’, aka flashbacks. 

She has been running around like a chicken without a head, as she puts it…and she didn’t even take any pics at all! Our cherry tree survived the heavy frosts we had and the snow, but now almost all the blossoms are gone, and we have the leaves coming out. Soon our little dogwood should be blooming, but its not nearly as spectacular as the weeping cherry tree. Our bleeding hearts have quite a bit of frost damage, but maybe if it stays warm enough they might send out more shoots.

We had several nights  of temps around 25F,  and we even had snow one night! Sheesh…the weather is strange!

Us pups have plenty to bark at lately, too. Our neighbor man who was gone for just over a year, doing National Guard duty, (Thank You!), has returned from active duty and now he’s outside a lot, chopping wood and messing around with his new truck…petcretary hopes we get used to seeing him there,and also his buddies that come to help. Cause we bark too much! But hey, there is a cat that follows him around, and also a doggy…and two mini humans.

These ‘selfies’ are some flashbacks to ‘show off’ for some of the challenges that Marjorie Dawson has in her blog/website.

Softly focused Pipo, in a sunpuddle on the forbidden table! Wonder what he was thinking?!?

A pic with bad lighting and harsh shadows, edited to keep the great catch of his YAWN…or was he singing the song of his people??!!
A very badly lit image, but the pic itself was fun, so it became an edited keeper!
Brifght sun sure always made PIpo’s eyes such a bright blue, and lovely contrasting shadows.
Minko: Hi Freckles, what’cha doing??
Here’s a Valentine’s Kiss for YOU!
Pipo, guarding a parcel that was sent to him and Minko…
Pipo, at Christmas, which was the day before his Birthday…looking like, why all this fuss, Hisses!!
Pipo & Minko…this is the pic used un our ‘gravatar’.
Groucho with his new kitten sisfur Suki, the second kitten he ‘mentored’.
Minko in the sun, contemplating life…
Minko just loved sun puddles!
Pipo in lamplight…not such a great pic, LOL!
This looks MUCH better with a vignette and in black and white.
Minko enjoying a sun puddle.
Pipo & Minko on one of their Gotcha Days, which happened to be also Valentine’s Day! Sheesh, they look bored, MOL!
Suki as a kitten, what a diva she was!
MrJackFreckles would have been celebrating his birthday later this week…he was a good and patient pup, LOL! But treats helped, BOL!

It was a fun day, this past Tuesday when petcretary ‘played’ the Tuesday Teaser Day at One Spoiled Cat, with professor Teddy and his Mom Pam…

We were one of the first commenters, Hooray!

Then after what seemed to be a totally impossible picture to figure out its location, petcretary hunkered down after her dinner (ie: brain sustenance), and finally was able to put in her (corrected) guess…late but still valid!! Hooray!

So she was first on both counts yet again…three weeks in a row! Triple crown at Teddy’s!! Yippee! LOL!

At 8:40PM last night (after school was closed and the Professors were snoring) Miss Ingrid guessed the Teaser correctly!  This is a very interesting Teaser photo,  and it is of the Midland Glider Club at Long Mynd, Church
Stretton,  Shropshire, UK

Well, I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of April 20, 2021 after all! The Professors thought nobody got it but I DID! YAY FOR ME!

We all in the land of Blogville, had to say our goodbyes to yet another kitty friend; Charles, from Cat Scouts. We didn’t know him that well, but we know that many others did and loved him so much, esp, Lisbeth from The Kitties Blue. Our sympathy to all who knew him, he will be sorely missed. We made a card in his honor…we don’t think he had a blog, but he was here on Facebook.

We are hopping along in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, along with so many others, we thank Miss Janet and her kitties for hosting this great Blog Hop each week!


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12 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies, Rerun Style

  1. You all take such wonderpurr selfies. I especially love the one of Pipo at Christmas. It’s so nice that Angels are celebrated far after they’ve left for the Rainbow Bridge.

  2. It is lovely to see Pipo and Minko. I loved seeing them such a lot and I LOVE the vignette. it goes to show what a bit of magic editing can bring to a photograph!!!

  3. Love all the photos, they are very beautiful pictures, and lovely memories to treasure! Many congrats on yet another teaser win and double firstie, 3 times in a row! Wow !

  4. I love all these shots of your angels. It was nice to see them again and to see Suki who I never knew. Congrats on getting that Teaser correct! XO

    • A wonderful family photo album. Nice to keep track of our special angels.

      Shoko says quit bragging about winning the teaser. She hasn’t won once. We are 3 hours behind the east and usually, someone has guessed the answer before we have woken up.


  5. Charlee: “We sure did enjoy all the pictures of our friends, present and absent!”
    Lulu: “Say, isn’t a yawn and the song of your people the same thing when you’re a cat?”
    Chaplin: “You aren’t wrong, Lulu.”

  6. It was very lovely to see the angels. ♥
    Petcretary continues her hot streak at Teddy’s Teaser – yay!

  7. Mee-yow wow what lovelee fotoss’ of Mistur Jack Freckless~~mee nevurr mew him Petcretary….hee lookss like hee was a lovelee poochie doggie. Seein him an with Minko **kissin** iss so sweet!!!
    An so many fotoss of mee darlin Pipo…. **sighss**… mee surelee missess seein him here…..
    Butt iss lovelee to see so many fotoss of hansum Pipo…hee sure was one sharp dressed man cat!!!
    HURRAH Petcretary for beein a Tripell Crown Winner at Teddy an Miss Pam’ss Teezer!!
    Our flowerss tooked a beetin too…tonite it iss cold an foggy…..been rainin alot here….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

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