Happy Easter!!

 Hooray, its Easter today!

We had a glimpse of one of the Easter Rabbit’ cohorts or a spy or a scout…but at any rate, even petcretary saw him! Whoot!

She was in the yard with us, and suddenly Dalton ran right into the wood pile…and then he darted out as fast and furious as a bullet…and there was a faster critter ahead of him…then Benji joined in the chase as well…but *she* could not keep up at all. No screeches a la bunny were heard, so *she* assumes he got away to tell his findings to the big basket carrying rabbit…aka the Easter Bunny. Maybe he related this message after his risky sortie into our yard: ‘Yes, there are two evil canines at this place…and they hate us and our kind.’..(LOL!). ‘Don’t bring them any treats’…

(The wood pile is where all the branches and limbs go and other yard waste, to lay there in a big heap until a good day comes by to burn it down to the pile of ashes…usually in the fall…as birds and other creatures like to lurk or nest in there…presumably under the guise of safety, but with those two hooligans, nothing is sacred nor safe!)  (It would have been a great video if *she* had a smart phone in her pocket…when she goes out to do  doggy poop patrol and other yard chores her camera and  iPad are NOT in her pocket…and she does NOT have a smart phone anyways…)

So that was our excitement this week…and yet another deaded mole and *she* rescued a big long garter snake from our teeth…and now that the ground is soft again, we are having fun digging holes…and digging out the mole runs, and digging out the many walnuts the squirrels buried last fall…lets just say that we are helping to keep the red pepper flake makers in business…we leave the stuff alone when *she* puts it on our digging endeavors, but well, we just go and find more places to dig! BOL! Yes, when you have a whole acre to roam in…well, you get the idea!

Petcretary had a bad kind of excitement in her wallet…she’s been having issues with the tire pressure light, it seems she has a trouble magnet on her tires, they are always getting punctures, big and small…and she’s had some bad tire pressure sensors as well…so she drove up to the service place she goes to and the receptionist said right away, oh you need more air in your tires?? LOL!  

Well another dude came up and he had some time so he put the van up on the hoist and inspected the tires, all of them, thank you very much…he said there were tow punctures in the same tire, about an inch apart…so that makes it unsafe to plug them like they have been able to do for some of her other holes…short story long…she needs a new tire…no, lets correct that: she needs three new tires:( 

The three in question are worn down enough that it make more sense to replace all of them now…ah well, petcretary is made of money, right?? Or she has a money tree in the garden!…yup she wishes. Sheesh, tires cost an arm and a leg these days.) 

And likely soon after she gets them the tire light will come on again…just to tease her!

Well, now to the day’s real doings.

It is Easter! One of the highlights on the Christian calendar! The bunnies and stuff like that are just for fun, so we do have fun with it all, too…but Petcretary and Pawppy are very happy there IS Easter, it means so much for them.

Our unfurbros will be coming for dinner after they all go to church…nothing too fancy, just good home made yums…and maybe an extra chew bone for us:)

Here are our new Easter Selfies as promised last week. 

Past Tuesday, petcretary was one of two ‘firsties’ that got in the door to say hello to Teddy and his Mom…aka the graphics dept…she had the right answer, too, but she was a little late in getting back there to tell them…

But it was still fun and special, the Graphics dept made special Badges with an Easter theme! So she got this one for being a first commenter:

 Then she got this badge for knowing the right answer, but not being the first one:

Could you spare some purrs, and pawyers for our good furend, Timmy?? He spent some time at the vet and he still isn’t eating too well, according to his Dad Pete. Petcretary has known that furmily since her Catster days, way back in 2009, that’s a LONG time!

Here is a recent picture of dear Timmy:

Please send purrs and POTP to Timmy

We also learned of another sad passing:

Guido the ‘EyeTailYun-Kitty’ became an Angel on March 28th…we have known him, too, since our Catster days…sigh…(You can visit here, too, on Facebook).

We made a card in his honor:


We are in the Sunday Selfies, Blog hop. A special Easter Blog hop!

Thanks, Kitties Blue for hosting this weekly feature! Its a lot of fun! We love you all!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!

  1. PS Grateful thanks for remembering and paying tribute to Guido. We must never forget he was one of the first super star cats and we all need to go and comment on his blog so his mum knows he was LOVED.

  2. What adorable Easter selfies! We are sorry to hear about the tires, but hoping y’all have a Happy Easter! Congrats on being a firstie and a rightie on the teaser!
    We are also sorry to hear about Timmy, we hope he feels better and eats better soon. And that is so very sad about Guido; your memorial card for him is lovely.

  3. New tires…yep, that’s why we have our Firestone credit card. We had a house being rebuilt down the street from us after it was burned by a fire, and the careless builders would somehow get big nails in the road and we would get flats! Grrr.
    I, Xena, have some lizards who have moved back after the winter, and I have so much fun diving into the bushes trying to catch them!
    Happy Easter!!

  4. That stinks about the tires. You make such cute bunnies, I am impressed at what good models you are. I am praying for Timmy and was sad to read about Guido. Happy Easter! XO

  5. So much to meow ’bout Dalton an Benji!
    Ferst wee meow ’bout yore Selfeiss. They ARE beeuteefull~~Mee thinkss yoer hansum Dalton……
    Benji do you know LadyMew has a ‘crushie’ on you….shee sayss it iss yore eyess…so-o dark an deep an sole…umm wait…soulfull.
    Petcretary wee furry sorry that you need 3 mew tiress!! Guud Greef!! Wee sure hope you can get mew tiress without sellin one of THE Poochiess!

    Wee are furry sorry that Guido went to Purr Land so close to easter….hee sure was a hansum stripey man cat. Petcretary you made a lovelee Meowmorial card!
    Wishin youss’ a peecefull, less stressed sorta week!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

  6. Lulu: “Happy Easter! A little bit late!”
    Charlee: “Hey based on what the garage found we think you might have some kind of tire vampire on the loose in your area.”
    Lulu: “A what?”
    Chaplin: “A tire vampire. You know. They bite tires with their fangs and suck the air out.”
    Lulu: “Why would they have to do that when the air is full of … air?”
    Charlee: “Maybe they like their air to be a tire-flavored.”
    Lulu: “I think you two may have been around Dennis a little too long.”

  7. Oh gosh, Luke would be SO excited to see the Easter bunny scout in his yard! Alas, he has to settle for chipmunks. They have their holes and they always seem to know when he’s coming though!
    We hope your family all had a very nice Easter. ♥

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