Its Time For Sunday Selfies!

We have been having a lot of fun in our yard, the snow is melting, its almost all gone, except where it was piled up…and there is thick ice still in some areas…So…we can run all over the yard again…and there is lots of mud to splatter about…and Benji has discovered that its good digging again; when the ground is hard with frost, he can’t dig…but now he has resumed his ‘hobby’…sigh…

And we have squirrels to chase! And peeps to bark at when they find the nice weather is great for going on walks…of course that means they are trespassing, since if we can see them that is what they are doing…BOL! Sometimes we run the birds off, too…we haven’t seen any rabbits or other small critters…yet. (The bunnies must be at Bunny School, getting ready for their Easter work.)

The other late afternoon, Benji was going ballistic…so Petcretary went out to check what the issue was, and there were several deer in the neighbor’s yard! They didn’t even run off when he was running up and down the fence line…they must realize the fence is keeping them safe from him…of course since she doesn’t have a smart phone, and the camera was inside, there are no pics of the deer…

 The last time that petcretary  was at her work, she walked into a room and heard a loud Meow! What?? Yup, the lady in there had just gotten a kitty of her own, motion activated and touch activated. It moves, purrs and has a few different mews. How sweet is that! Later the whole activities crew came through and they brought in more kitties and doggies, too. The dogs are the same as the kitties, but they bark, well of  course! We had a lot of smiling residents. And all the kitties and pups were in bed with their new peeps keeping them company:)                                                                                                                                 It was such an Aww time!

Here are our selfies for this week:

Benji,. a little ‘washed out’ in a nice sunpuddle.
Dalton decided to jump up on Petcretary’s lap, and then he just had to see what she was doing on the computer! Hey That is a pic of ME!


Petcretary was quick on the ball, this past Tuesday; she was one of two first commenters at The Tuesday Teaser...and then she even managed to guess the right answer for the location of said teaser image. 

Whoo-hoo! A double firstie!

She got these badges:

Wonder if she will ever do that again, LOL!

~~~~~  ~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~

All of Blogville was saddened this past week, when we heard that the one and only Spitty had become an Angel Kitty. 

So while you may have already seen the post we did for him, here he is once again, in the memorial card we sent to his Mom. You can visit Spitty’s blog here.

We are joining the Kitties Blue, at The Cat On My Head, for the weekly Sunday Selfies! Each week, they faithfully produce this blog hop for us to enjoy and have fun with. Thanks so much, we truly appreciate you very much. This week, they also have a tribute for Spitty.

We hopping along with The Kitties Blue and many others.

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11 thoughts on “Its Time For Sunday Selfies!

  1. Such cute selfies of you guys this week! We were really sad about Spitty; that is a beautiful card that Petcretary made for his humans. Congrats on the double firstie in the Teaser!

  2. Great selfies and what a nice week at work for Mom it sounds so very sweet. Good job watching those Vishus Deer
    PS Congrats on the DOUBLE at Teasers! You really studied

  3. Very nice selfies. My great nieces have dogs like that, they are cute. Spitty is missed by all, that is a beautiful card you made. Congrats on being so smart and speedy too. XO

  4. Meow wee are furry sad ’bout Spitty goin to Purr Land. Wee tried to leeve commint butt wee not have Googull account….. wee due send sympaffiess to spitty’ss Hu’manss.
    An it soundss liekealot of fun out inn THE yard Dalton an Benji!!
    Wee still has ALOT of snow an ice here an so chilley even with sun out…**sighss**
    Yore Selfiess are adoorabell…..purr usual mee deer poochie frendss ❤ ❤
    Petcretary yore goin have a wall full of badgess from winnin so much Tuesdya Teezerss!! Yore inncredibell 🙂
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew two

  5. Our snow is still too deep for the wildlife to move around much. Luke is just waiting every day for some deer to pass by! They also seem to know that they are safe from him behind his fence. 🙂

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