Sunday Selfie Time ~ All About Me, Dalton


 Today we are going to try to just have a Dalton selfie…as he is going to tell everyone a little bit about himself.

Ellen from 15&Meowing had the first post we saw with that theme, so
we copied the questions, and Dalton will add his own answers. 


1.  My name is:Dalton
2.  My nickname: WigglyButt, Nutcase; Yoda; Piddly-Diddly;  Crazy-Pants; Cuckoo-Head
My breed is: Mixed. Likely a rat terrier  and perhaps Dachshund or maybe Chihuahua…who knows!  

I am a rescued
pup from Texas…taken in as a stray during Hurricane Harvey, (Maybe that would be a good nickname, too??); rescued again out of that high kill shelter and brought by a caravan of  rescue trucks to Michigan,  and into a shelter that takes in only rescues. I stayed with that lady and her helpers (and many other doggies and cats), for a few weeks, till there was an adoption event at a local pet shop.
4.  My age is:4, I’ll be five in August. The vet has me at 6, but the rescue group said I was one when I got to my forever home…maybe I am 6, I have a lot of grey on my schnooter. My birthday was assigned to me as the day I was rescued out of the hurricane, so that was the first day of the rest of my life. (August 20, 2016, though maybe its in 2014…)
favorite human food: Anything they’ll give me…which is hardly ever…I
like bits of crunchy salad items the best, and CHEESE!!
6.  My biggest fear: Having to go back to that wet and flooded city in Texas…or to be in a home where there are no ladies. I am VERY fearful of men, even my own unfurbros and Pawppy.
My favorite thing to do: Pester my doggy brofur Benji; romp with him,
or play bitey face; I don’t play too much with toys, though if Benji doesn’t bother me, I might work at doing some good destuffing! Benji and I play tug of war sometimes, that is fun, and one of the few times I am actually playing. Chewing my nightly dental stick and later a regular Dingo stick.! I bark the
neighbors all the time, esp if Benji alerted me to the need to bark, He-he! I love to try and catch the raiding squirrels, and I know that word, it gets me excited to go out and chase them away!
9.  Do I love car rides? Hmmm….nah, not so much, I whine and shake and worry about where we might be going.
10. Do I snore? Nope! (Not yet…)Though I dream a lot and make noises and whimpers sometimes.
do I sleep? In a nice firm bolster bed; or in a different ‘nest’ with Benji. Or on petcretary’s chair, behind her as she works on the confuser. I will jump on her lap and then curl up behind her:)
Who is my favorite human: Petcretary, everyone else is barked and snarled at…

I really have some issues…maybe after 101 or 887 years I might feel more secure with all my furmily members. Petcretary and Pawppy thought I was doing a bit better after my first year here, but then we had a home invasion and those two nasty men shouted and kicked at me. Then the police came in loud cars and stomped through our den looking for clues and stuff…and they had a huge German Shepherd…I had to go out in the snow (That was in late November), to mark all the pawprints and footprints of those intruders, even though later pawppy told me those were OK peeps. Sheesh, not to me:(

Since then I have had great fear of just about all men…and I have to be isolated in a different area of the den if there are people here to fix things, or when pawppy had peeps coming to the den after his surgery.

Right now Unfurbro-the-elder has been staying here since pawppy had his surgery in November. He will scritch me when I beg for it, by nudging his leg…but if he stretches or moves, I have to bark/growl him a warning…I don’t like it either when he plays with Benji…not sure if I am jealous or just don’t like the fact that *that* man is making a lot of movements and noise.

Petcretary has been able to teach me some very basic commands, such as sit, stay and come…but most anything that needs to be ‘hands on’ is hard to do, since she says I piddle when she touches me. I seem to best outside, and there it doesn’t matter if I do a wee-wee! BOL!



We have been using 5 mg of full spectrum CBD oil for about three weeks, now, but so far it hasn’t seemed to make much difference. We have him wearing a thundershirt calming collar, and use a diffuser with doggy specific calming essential oils…and calming chew tabs as well…after ten days?? No changes…

He goes ballistic if my son is shoveling the walks and even if he moves around in the house. He hates hubby’s cane, though its been around since August. He even has his hackles up and would bite if he could get close enough…he has bitten hubby and son (s) over the years he’s been here, the last time was at Christmastime.

Sometimes he will bark and then run out into the backporch and stand there shaking and barking nonstop for 30-45 minutes. He is so deranged.

If I pick him up for almost any reason, he ‘freezes’. Even when we are outside.

Dalton truly is a mystery when it comes to his fear issues. I may need to have the vet prescribe medication, though that for sure is not the way I want to go, but it may be the only way to help this poor messed up pup.

Maybe he need a session with the Dog Whisperer, or Victoria, the other famous dog behaviorist.

I love being outside, I am way less fearful in the big open space of our yard.
It was fun to destuff my big blue woofie, BOL!
Thinking and thinking some more…
Hey, yoiu need to cut the grass around here, BOL!
Dalton, my happy relaxed face selfie!


But when he’s happy, he smiles!! Go figure! He dances and jumps like a pogo stick, and his little tail about wiggles right off! We all sure wish he could be that way more often.This mostly happens at meal and treat time, which is when we try to teach him some things. He can jump over my legs, go through them when they are up to make a ‘tunnel’ and he will also then jump into my lap to get the treat. But not for anyone else…go figure. Pawppy is the main foodbowl dispenser…but it seems that only matters at *that* moment…

Oh well, we love him and will not give up trying to help him become the pup he should truly be. He needs to learn to be happy and to have confidence and trust, at least of his own peeps.


Petcretary was one of three first commenters at Teddy’s Tuesday Teaser. So this was her badge as a reward.

But while she got the right place she wasn’t first…close but no cigar!! LOL!

Dalton is in the Sunday Selfies Blog hop! The Kitties Blue are the hosts and we love them all, and esp we love that they do this each and every week!

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie Time ~ All About Me, Dalton

  1. Love those selfies and we enjoyed learning more about you. Sometimes in fearful critters medicine is the best way to go, it’s gotta be stressful being so fearful.

  2. I would never guess from the pictures how troubled Dalton is. He’s so fortunate to have you loving him and helping him be a calmer, happier pup. Best wishes on finding more help. Your patience is to be commended.

  3. Charlee: “Those are very nice selfies, Dalton, and it was interesting to hear your story!”
    Chaplin: “Our brother Dennis the Vizsla was very poorly socialized when he was young and then was abandoned in a canyon with his brothers and his vizsla mommy and he had fear and separation anxiety issues his whole life, although not quite as much as you.”
    Charlee: “After visiting behaviorists and such he was put on doggy Prozac and that helped him a lot, although his anxiety never did go away completely.”
    Chaplin: “Still, everybody loved him and he had a good life, and so will you!”

  4. You are so cute, Dalton, and we understand how frustrated your family must be – they just want to love you, pet, and play with you!
    But our Luke is quite similar, so we get it. But he is just afraid of all people that he does not know well, but is perfectly comfortable and happy with my hubby and me, and one of my sisters. But that’s it.
    We have tried all the natural things too, and they only help so much. We did not want to go the medication route either, so we have decided to just let Luke be Luke and manage things when others are around (which means keep him separate). We live a quiet life without a lot of company anyway, so that works for us. But I imagine we would feel differently if he did not accept those that live here.
    The important thing is that you have a family that loves you and will continue to try to help you! ♥

  5. Great selfies Dalton and nice to learn more about you. I am sorry you are so afraid of men because the ones in your family would never hurt you. I had forgotten about the robbery, I can see how that would set you back. I am sure with a lot of love ( and possibly some meds) you will calm down. XO

  6. Nice selfies Dalton, and interesting to find out more about you. So sorry to learn about your anxiety issues, but I feel hopeful that they can be worked out by your wonderful loving family.

  7. Mee-yow WOW Dalton you an mee sound like Sistur an Brothur… All tho mee not bin inn a Hurrycane. But tmee to has bad Trauma an mee does NOT like men eether. Only Docktur Kevin mee Vet. NO ONE ELSE!
    An mee doess not like strangerss inn mee umm our place. Mee iss furry quirky an suntimess mee will try an nip at LadyMew’ss hand. Shee can pat mee 4-5 strokess an then shee putss her handss beehind her back so mee not try to bite!
    Mee lovess to paw at her feet butt shee REELLY diss-likess this…mee allmsot made her have a seezure a few weekss ago. So mee triess not to play smackypawss…
    Yore fotoss are speck-taculur! Yore so hansum Dalton…such beeeuteeful an soulfull eyess.
    Thanx fore sharin ’bout yoreself.
    ***purrss*** an ❤ BellaDharma
    Pee S: Mee not like LadyMew'ss caness eether! Her green metal fell on mee Sunday!! CATFISH!!

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