Sunday Selfies ~ Another Week Has Flown By!

Wow, time does go by quickly, even when there are no special days…we had a bit of snow, but not really that much. The ice melted off the trees, but it has been cold enough that the snow left on the ground is still crusty and that ice hunks from cleaning the walkway are still there. It makes for interesting yard cleanups…OK, we know, TMI, TMI!! Think ‘Poopsicles’!

 It has not been very bright out the past several days, though on Saturday the sun decided to show up for a change…we almost fell over!!  BOL! So we were left alone while our pawrents went on a car (for Pawppy) search. There are 4 on the ‘short list’…and we test drove them all. (They are certified, used Hondas, similar to the one that got wrecked.) So soon a decision will be made and then it will be great to see the driveway full of the right number of cars again:)

But well, we didn’t get to go along for reasons that we were not informed about, so we sulked in our nest while unfurbro-the-elder kept guard with us.

Past Tuesday over at Teddy’s blog, petcretary was one of eight commenters that managed to crowd the doorway there in the first minute after it went ‘live’! Eight!! A record! Wonder if we’ll ever break it!!

However we were not first with our guess, though we were correct!! Well, you can’t win em all! BOL!

Meanwhile things at petcretary’s workplace have finally calmed down, as to where only new admissions are on quarantine, as a precaution. While they still need to wear all the PPE, at least they are headed in the right direction. And this week, there will be a clinic there for all of the staff and residents to get the covid vaccine. Its kind of scary thought, but…well, *she* is going to take it. Pawppy will be able to get one too, maybe in a couple weeks, as his age group puts him in the next category for receiving it.

Sadly, earlier this week,, we had to say yet another goodbye…this time to Zoey from The Island Cats, and it was a shock to all, including her family…and she will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.


We are in the Sunday Selfies Blog hop!

This fun feature is hosted each week, by The Kitties Blue and we love them all as much as we love doing the selfies. We thank them for their hard and diligent work to keep this going, for several years already!! Imagine that! Thanks so much:)

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies ~ Another Week Has Flown By!

    • Hi, Frank.
      There were 8 of us firsties….I have no idea how many times I have been there first, but I don’t think its eight! LOL! It was an neato picture! Funny how peeps build things like that for personal reasons. There is a nice one in Toronto, Casa Loma.

  1. Great selfies, guys. Our peeps had a honda that Mom really liked (the headroom was too low for our Dad). Now they are avid Toyota people. In fact, the second one was bought ’cause the not then Angel Lexi couldn’t take the heat, and the air hot gone out in the Avalon. So they bought her a new used Lexus and named it T-Lex, BOL. Have a good week, y’all. XOX Xena and Lucy

  2. Things are looking up there – yay! There’s always something sad it seems though, doesn’t it? We were so sad to hear about Zoey.
    Well, staying home with the bro doesn’t seem too bad… two look quite cozy in your little nest there! ♥

  3. Lulu: “Good news about the potential cars, but those faces didn’t get you authorization to go along for the test drives?! I can’t believe it!”
    Charlee: “Good news about the Petcretary’s workplace!”
    Chaplin: “And about the vaccines!”

  4. Wow! THE fesrt 10 dayss of Jannyary sure have been jam packed with so much! Petcretary wee are so happy you gotted Teezer rite; wee had rite countree at leest 😉 Wee hope THE vaccine werkss fore you. An that Pawppy can get it soon.
    Hope you find a mew car too Pawppy. It must bee diffycult beein ‘car less’!
    Dalton an Benji yore Selfie-Usiess are speck-tackulur! Two of THE hansumest poochie doggiess EFURR!
    An wee still in shock ’bout Zoey…wee miss her all reedy….*sighss*
    Hope this week iss not as inn-tense!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  5. Nice selfie. I am glad the cases have calmed down at Petcretary’s work and that she can get the vaccine this week and your Pawpy can soon too. Good luck with the car search. Make sure you check Carfax. XO

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