Getting Close to Christmas Sunday Selfies

Its Sunday once again! How fast the time goes, even as one day melts into the next. Petcretary was so busy she did not even have time to get out her camera…so we are going to use the ‘Blessing Train’ box car as our selfies this week.

Its still horrible at petcretary’s work place. They lost more residents this week…so very sad. Including one of her ‘faves’. Sigh…The best Christmas present for her would be to have this evil virus gone. The vaccine(s) might help, along with God’s intervention.

She, thankfully, remains negative as per the twice weekly testing.

Petcretary was out shopping earlier this week, and she got a call from pawppy…’I was in an accident.’ Yikes!

He was making a right turn, and he had the right of way, when he got hit by another driver, his car is out of commission and may even need to be totaled…but we sure hope not. Pawppy is fine, praise the Lord! As if we didn’t have enough to deal with on our plates…

He continues to progress well with his spinal fusion recovery.

On Saturday, *she* gathered up all the kitty accoutrements and litter and food that was still here, and took it to a local kitty shelter. They thought it was like early Christmas presents. The kitties there are mostly free roaming, and they were all over the furniture such as cubbies and small cat trees, as soon as it was put down! So cute! No meezers there, though,, else petcretary might have been sorely tempted. Lots of kitties of all kinds, ginger dudes, calico, tuxies and tabbies, too. And not a few black cats. They were all so pretty and hoping for a new home for Christmas. But this evil virus mess has limited their access to public adoption events. So they work with virtual methods, and a lot of advertising.

Petcretary doesn’t have a smart phone else she might have made some pics to show you all. Maybe they will email some to her so she can show them later…hopefully.

Speaking of Christmas, we still are in major shambles mode at our den, so the Christmas things might have to wait till just before The Day…but none the less, it will be Christmas, decorated or not!!

We have not seen *her* making a Christmas card to send out as yet….she was very busy doing memorial cards for us to send to the families of some new angels…sheesh, so close to Christmas, too:(

Cards for snail mail?? Not even those! She is bogged down and need an other holiday…not happening till after Christmas…maybe she should give up and just send out New Years cards!! BOL!

So here is our box car:

This is our blessing train Boxcar, for 2020…we are ‘cheating’ a bit and using this as our selfie for this week…actually its an ‘ussie’!! LOL!
We are part of the Blessing Train of 2020
Angel Pipo

In these three Angel selfie flashbacks, only the halos were added, the hat and collars were actually worn by them, when these images were taken years ago.

Angel MrJackFreckles
Angel Minko


Sadly there were several more new angels that we have heard about…so here the cards we made in their honor. We hope they give a tiny measure of comfort to those of their hurting furmilies.

Beau, from Pets Overload
Many of you might know Hershey from Hershey Barks
Jinx, from 15 & Meowing
Precious Dezi, from Dezi World
We are joining up with all the other Sunday Selfies at the blog hop, hosted by the Kitties Blue; Thank You!

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9 thoughts on “Getting Close to Christmas Sunday Selfies

  1. Such cute selfies and a nice train picture too! So sorry to hear about the accident but glad that Pawppy is okay! It is indeed sad about the losses at Petcretary’s workplace and the losses of kitties lately. I stay sad, but have hopes for better times for everyone.

  2. It has been such a sad week for pets and people. I am glad petcretary remains negative from COVID, I am so sorry about her residents. I love the photos of all your angels. XO

  3. Dear Dalton and Benji, we think your Blessings Train is the perfect Christmas Card! And it was good seeing Angels Pipo, Mr. Jack Freckles and Minko in their Angel Christmas glory. Your “petcretery” is a very kind soul to make lovely cards for those who have recently crossed the bridge. God bless you all, now and in the new year. XOX Lucy, Xena and Mom Amy

  4. We love your Blessings Train! We are so glad Pawppy was not hurt in that accident, and Petcretary is staying safe from that nasty virus. ♥

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