December! The most fun month of the year! Selfie Time!

 Yes, we would love for it to be the most fun month if the year…but for some its just more of the same as its been since March…sigh…stupid evil virus. Very evil virus:(

Petcretary told us they have all but two  residents, now testing positive for covid, and several staff as well.

There have been at least 4 deaths, and perhaps even more as time progresses. So far *she* tests negative, but with this virus being so virile and contagious, who knows. Our whole building is now what is known as a *red* zone, and *she* has to work directly with affected residents. Even with all the PPE we have, including N95 respirators, staff are still getting this. Some have been able to return to work, thankfully. We are now using agency nurses to fill in the empty holes…

Pray for her safety and to stay well, so she can keep up with helping pawppy….who is getting better by bigger steps each day. PT is helping him a lot. Hooray and Praise The Lord!

In order to stay healthy, she tries to get enough rest, and fresh air…and she takes plenty of specific supplements to assist the maintenance of good health and strong immune system. In case you are at all interested, here they are:

Zinc, Vitamin C, Epicor, Betaglucans, Several mushroom extracts, Vit D3, colostrum, echinacea, Oregano oil, olive leaf extract, and colloidial silver to name the most important ones. Some of those are really hard to come by there days, as many have now bought into the natural healing of herbs, and other modalities.

Well, she’s been too busy to take any new pics…so we are doing a replay, aka flashback from last year about this time.

Many of you…our friends; know Miss Ellen and her many kitties. Jinx is a beautiful sweet kitty who is not feeling well at all, and she fears for him to be gone before Christmas…could you all pay her a visit to offer POTP and encouragement at this time?? Thanks!

One of petcretary’s Facebook groups sent us this image for Angel Pipo:

In spite of all the horrors of covid, and other upsetting events, please enjoy this Christmas Season, and may you all have a measure of Joy and Peace in your hearts.
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8 thoughts on “December! The most fun month of the year! Selfie Time!

  1. I am sorry you are surrounded by so much COVID. I will be praying for you, your family and the residents. Thank you for writing about my sweet boy. I love the photo of your festive pups. XO

  2. I’m sorry there is so much Covid19 at your work, Petcretary. We are all sending hopes and purrs that you will stay well, and everyone else too. It’s good news that Pawppy keeps improving!

  3. Your mum is doing everything in her power to stay safe working in dangerous conditions. I hoe you all keep safe and I LOVE the memorial Pipo as such a great cat and I know he will be missed.

  4. Deer Petcretary wee continue to **purr** an purray fore yore safety at THE werkplace! You are our SHERO fore sure!!
    HURRAH fore Pawppy makin guud progress an walkin well…what a reeleef!
    Dalton an Benji yore Catmess Selfie foto iss wunderfull….wee nevurr tire of seein you 2 hansum poochie dogss dressed up!
    An that foto with ‘angel’ Pipo brott teerss to our eyess….hee was so lovelee….
    Wee purrayin fore Jinx to get bettur…..poor Miss Ellen…..*sighss*
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  5. Charlee: “Our Dada says this virus is insidious! We don’t know exactly what that means but I don’t think it’s anything good.”
    Chaplin: “We sure are purring for Petcretary to stay healthy and avoid it!”
    Lulu: “And I’m sending fluffy tail wags!”

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