Wow, a week goes by fast around here, sometimes!

The weather was nice most of the week, but today, well, its snowing…blech…its wet and soggy and dismal outside today…which means that if it continues, pawppy won’t be able to do any walking outside on the nice long sidewalk we have…sigh…too much potential for a slippery disaster…and goodness knows we do NOT need any more of those things, ie: falls.

Pawppy is doing a lot better this past week. He got off the narcotics, Hooray! He feels a wee bit stronger and his ‘bad’ leg is slightly stronger too. Nerve damage takes forever to heal…he even ventured out in his car on Saturday…the first time in about 3 weeks! Hooray! Mostly the only major help he needs is putting on his support hose and shoes…and getting meals ready, too much twisting and such like to cook himself a meal. So petcretary does that, or leaves a ‘fixed’ one ready for him to use when no one else is around. Elder son cooks supper for them both when *she* is at work.

Speaking of work, that evil virus had left us largely unscathed, but in the past week, several staff and a lot more residents have tested positive, some badly enough to have to be hospitalized. So sad, what a big horrible mess. Petcretary sure hopes she can steer clear of it…but she had to care for a lady who got ‘sent out’ yesterday…so she got tested today, and again later in the week. All staff get tested 2 times every week.

There has been another partial shutdown here since Nov 18th, for three weeks…on account of the big surge in covid cases. Argghhhh! Virus be gone! Hurry up and leave us alone already!

Us hooligans  entered a giveaway at Kinley Westie’s blog…and we won!! We received our prize the other day…we sniffed the package, but well, it didn’t smell very yummy…and when *she* opened it, there was nothing good to chew on let alone eat…so we let her have all of it, BOL! Well, we might have had fun chewing up the t-shirt that was included with the brand logo on it, but somehow we would not have scored any brownie points for that! Maybe soon *she* will post a pic of the Fauna Skin care items and model the (way too large), T-shirt!  Thanks so much Kinley, Brinley and Finley for having that giveaway! Now we have good products to use if we need them! Hope we don’t, BOL!

We are not happy with that evil covid virus…it messes everything up.
Corona V, do see my glare?? Its aimed right at you! Get lost!

The Kitties Blue, who are the weekly hosts of the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, are having major troubles with their blog. So if you do not see any new posts, try and access an older one, so you can subscribe to it, then you may be able to get their latest news and posts.  Meanwhile, know that they are working hard to get themselves up and running for all of us to once again enjoy and support. And we are thankful for their continued efforts to do this weekly hop! You can join in if you wish, just click on the caption under the blog, or click on the linky below.

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10 thoughts on “Selfies!

  1. I’m so glad to hear that Pawppy is doing better but phooey on the snow! So sorry also to hear of the Covid at your workplace. Purrs that you stay safe and healthy and that Pawppy continues to improve. It’s surging in our town, partly due to the careless behavior of many, though we ourselves are being very careful. Those are really cute selfies!

  2. we’re really tired of that Corova V too. Although we have met a lot of nice neighbors since it started and Mom is with us all day, working from home. So maybe there are some good things, too. XOX Xena and Lucy

  3. I really like your selfies, you two look fabulous! Yes, that covid thing is evil so please be safe. We’re all glad that Pawppy is doing better and off those meds. Hugs from all of us.

  4. HURRAH fore Pawppy beein abell to walk an get ’round!! One step at a time mee frend!!! 444 pawss up Pawppy!
    An Petcretary wee send you violet lite of purrtection so when you are at werk you not get this meen Virus!
    Benji yore Selfie iss furabuluss an yore stare iss amazin!! Covid WILL bee scared!
    Dalton yore Selfie iss wunderfull too!! Iss yore earss; they say it ALL! Wee are all fed up with Covid. Wee are back inn stage 2 up here an LadyMew sayss THE way peepell are NOT beehavin it cuud bee Stage 1 bye Catmess!
    Wee think of all of youss’ offen!
    **purrss** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma ~~ ❤ ❤ an ((huggiess)) LadyMew too!

  5. Great selfies. I am glad Pawppy is improving. Those support hose are impossible to put on without help- I always help my hubby with his. Congrats on winning that contest. And I pray you can continue to avoid the virus. XO

  6. We’re delighted Pawppy is doing so well. Congrats on winning a prize….we don’t win things….that’s us…..we have the luck of prisoners…..not much. We’re all sick of this virus. I noticed last time I was out that peeps are honouring the regulations more. Everyone I saw wore a mask.


  7. Cheers to Pawppy’s improvement. Now those other two look tough with their stares. So … would stares change with a treat?

  8. If that glare does not scare that virus away, nothing will! BOL! We hope Pawppy continues to improve and petcretary avoids that nasty virus. Stay safe, all, and Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

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