Day After Halloween Selfies

Well, Halloween itself was very busy here, Pawppy & petcretary are trying to get things in order so he can have his surgery and not have to worry about things not done…such as paying bills, getting the snow thrower ready, etc…

So these not terribly spooky/ghostly pics were taken when it was still nice out, and green…and the leaves were mostly still on the trees. Now they are almost all bare, and its been at or below freezing temps at night around here. We even heard talk of the *S* word…Oh Please, NO!!

Pipo consented with purrs that he wanted to be a tiger/tabby for a change…
And he even allowed himself to look at the camera!
Imagine that!
A couple of weeks ago, Petcretary was the guest who offered a picture for Teddy’s Tuesday Teaser.
Port Rowan Ontario…however though *she* grew up there, she has never been to that place; that pic was taken by a friend, Angel Nirta, you can see some of her works here on Instagram.
This past Tuesday, Petcretary was not a guest, nor a first right guesser, but she was one of three first commenters!! Hooray!!

We welcomed a couple of new kitties, too!

Ellie: A new sisfur for Waffles
Juney, new and loved at Zoolatry

So in other news…one of the pups gave petcretary an early birthday gift…a tick. Eeuuwww!

They get the monthly flea and tick treatments, and once in a while a tick follows them, (esp Benji), into the house where they fall off…and presumably go hunting for other more tasty prey. So this past week, she found three of them on the carpet, one dead one and two crawly ones…UGH. Well, they were duly disposed of…and then we had a play session…the next morning, Petcretary felt something on her side, near her waist. She thought it was a strange place to have a pimple cause at first she thought that was what it was….but the mirror told a different tale. OMD!

So she grabbed the tick removal tool, and pried the thing out…and went to the urgent care to get treated prophylactically…she doesn’t want a case of Lyme disease…there is still. a red spot, but no rash, Phew!

Now for the last; a rather sad bit of news…

Pipo is very poorly. We think his lymphoma diagnosed a couple of years ago has flared up. He will not eat, he throws up, he has diarrhea, and he is hiding a lot…or languishing in any soft quiet corner he can find. He doesn’t groom himself either. He goes to the area of the litter box, but  has hardly the wherewithal to get in, and the entrance is very low…He is just bones covered with fur. He yowls when we pick him up…though after a while he does purr if cuddled long enough. He is taking two meds to stop vomiting, a steroid to help him get back on track, and another med for the runny poos. He only is eating when he is fed with a spoon…

To think the above pics of him are only from Oct 7,,,sheesh…

We fear the worse, and we covet your POTP, ,pawyers and healing thoughts. At 2 months short of 16, we don’t think it would be fair to do anything invasive or aggressive, other than the supportive measure we are doing right now.

Poor Pipo, our beloved Pipo.

Thanks, Timmy & Dad Pete

Thanks, Timmy & Dad Pete

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13 thoughts on “Day After Halloween Selfies

  1. Benji, that lion mask is perfect on you, and so is the fox one on you, Dalton. Pipo, we think you like to see yourself as a big cat of the jungle! Pipo, we have a message for you from Angel Lexi. She says if you are ready to go to the bridge, let your folks know. She says Mom needed her so much that she wouldn’t tell Mom it was time and she stayed here too long while she hid her suffering. Love, Lucy and Xena and Mom

  2. We are so glad you had a Happy Howloween moment even if it was in October.
    There’s a lot going on in your household now for sure and we are sending our POTP to Pipo and our meowmie’s heart is feeling for you. We are also sending big hugs to the Dad to boost him for his surgery and sending our thoughts and prayers. And also big hugs to the mom for caring so well for all the furs and humans. This is a stressful time for so many people and we are here to help keep you strong! xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

    P.S. We had 4 inches of s-n-o-w on Friday! That usually doesn’t happen until late November and the furnace is kicking on too.

  3. I am sorry to hear about Pipo and send good thoughts for him, and also for you Pawppy.

    “Yeah LadyMew mee swore!! Pipo iss so sick!”

    An now LadyMew iss sayin THE same werdss an teerss streemin down her face Petcretary!!
    PLEESE meow to Pipo mee ❤ lovess ❤ him with all mee heart (hee iss mee seecret crushie) an mee sendss ALL THE POTP mee has….
    LadyMew iss blubburin a purrayer…..
    Pipo meenss THE werld to both of us ❤ =^..^= ❤

    Pipo you are THE hansumest Tiggur man cat efurr! Dalton yore an adoorabell Fox an Benji yore a adoorabell Lion!!!

    Wee keep Pipo inn our purrayerss…purromise….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew too!

  5. Those are adorable Halloween costumes! Congrats on furnishing the teaser photo! I thought it was a really interesting picture but as usual, I had no clue where it was taken. So sorry to hear Pipo is ill, we are purring here for Pipo and for Pawppy to have successful surgery.

  6. I love the Halloween costumes. Pipo really did a great job. I am so sad that he is not doing well. I am praying he can improve so you can have more time with your sweet boy.
    Sorry about the tick, glad you didn’t get a bull’s eye. My hubby covers his clothes in deet spray and was still coming home with at least 10 on him and I had the joy of helping pick them off- luckily none bit in. XO

  7. You look so cute in your Halloween costume ! We’re sending tons of purrs to Pipo and hope you feel better soon. Purrs

  8. Awww… What sweet faces, even masked! I’m so sorry about Pip’s health. We here agree with no drastic measures but are praying for improvement. ~hugs~ Blessings to you and yours.

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