Talk Like A Pirate Day, Revisited; Argghhhh! (Sunday Selfies)


We nigh-on had t’ resort t’ a re-visitation o’ last year’s post fer th’ Talk Like A Pirate Day, which was Saturday Sept 19th.


We missed Pirate Day…Yarghh! So now we ‘ave t’ be satisfied wit’ our semi Talk Like A Pirate Day, cause Petcretary was at busy wit’ more nah cur or kitty stuff…Yargghhhh!…We be nah too jovial about missin’ that fun day, but here we be anyways! AHOY!

We be Ferocious PiratePups…
So ye’d best nah mess wit’ us. BOL!  Yargh!
Th’ pups made ‘live’ selfies fer pirates, but Pipo said he jus’ wanted t’ be a virtual pirate, so…he made petcretary choose t’ walk th’ plank or make ‘im a pirate picture, MOL! Aarrgghhhhh!

Don’t even reckon about raidin’ me treasures ‘n booty…
Here be another repeated Pirate Pipo picture from eons ago:
Ahoy Mateys!!

Guess wha’?

*She* got some new pics so’as we can ‘ave fresh Talk Like A Pirate Selfies, even if we be late. Whoot!
We reckon we shall haul in th’ plank t’ use some other time…Maybe we be nah that ferocious afterall…BOL/MOL!  Yargghh!
This goblet was full o’ some great grog…we guzzled it all down! Argh!
Ahoy! Are we more ferocious than last year??
I, Pipo,
Also known as:
Captain Pipo-Fang PirateMasterCat
Didst deign to allow a good selfie for a change…yargh! (*She* says sorry, its a wee bit blurry…argh!)
In not pirate stuff, Pawppy is slowly getting better…he walks better and feels generally a lot better than a month ago. But still not 100%,,, but we are getting there. Thanks for all the pawyers, and purrs and POTP on his behalf.
Pipo is having ‘cat attract’ on his litter…but he still piddles a lot on those pads….at least we DO have that option…
This new blogger (and the new Word Press) even in the ‘classic’ versions are driving petcretary NUTS.
She took hours just to get our post up and running. Hisses and Grrrs…and lets make them walk the plank.
The Kitties Blue are our hosts for the Sunday selfies! Thank you!

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11 thoughts on “Talk Like A Pirate Day, Revisited; Argghhhh! (Sunday Selfies)

  1. Those are three really cute pirates! I haven’t encountered the new wordpress yet but I don’t look forward to it, tech changes are hard for me, sigh.

    • I was having trouble adding my images….could not find any of them in the little window that pops up to retrieve them. SO frustrating. Finally I took the pics and sent each one to my photo editing program and transferred them to another place that I have to store images other than camera pics. Argghh!

  2. AARRRR yore all so adoorabell inn yore Pyerat geer! Pipo yore so hansum an mancatly!
    Dalton an Benji you both have such soulfull eyess…2 more hansum sweer Pyeratss fore sure…..
    Petcretary wee heer you loud an cleer! LadyMew set up a forum discussion an so many peepell ON WerdPress do not want Blocky so WP gave us Classic back sum way….at leest fore now….
    LadyMew cuud not make headss or tailss outta Blocky! Issn’t bloggin suppsoed to bee fun???
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  3. Ye all make adorable pirates and such nice looting you did. I am glad Pip decided to dress the part. Also glad Pawppy feels better. XO

  4. Lulu: “Drink up me hearties, yo ho yo ho!”
    Charlee: “Our Dada is not a fan of the new WordPress either, mainly because they took away things he used all the time, like the calendar showing what posts were going to appear on which days. Now he has to remember that all by himself.”
    Chaplin: “Remembering things isn’t easy when you get to be Dada’s age, I bet!”
    Charlee: “How old do you think Dada is, Chaplin?”
    Chaplin: “I don’t know. About a hundred?”

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