Flashback To Our Earliest Day Of Sunday Selfies

Yup, another week with flashbacks. Petcretary is working, and she has lots more added to her plate since pawppy has been ‘out of commission’ with his back issues.

Pawppy still needs his cane, he is complaining of leg weakness now, although the pain is still there, it s not constant. But it does flare up when he least expects it. PT is baffled at his symptoms, so the head PT guy will do some more extensive evaluations next time he goes.

Petcretary thought she had Pipo all happy with the new litterbox arrangements, (a huge crate with a hole in it, lined with pee-pee pads, and a good sized hole as the entryway…and plenty of floor protection all around for just in case). Well things were great for about three days, then last night and again this morning, Mr Pipo went on the mats outside the box…again…sigh…not sure why. At least it was on the waterproof mats, and not the carpet. We cannot put the box in the bathroom  nor the kitchen, because those are in the ‘dog zone’…don’t need to add to his stress…so its in the front room, which is pawppy’s home office. Strangely enough, he does go in there to do his #2’s and some pee-pee’s. He is another mystery!

Benji still has bouts of runny doo-doo’s…and sometimes he eats and sometimes he doesn’t. Will check in with the vet about that when all the furs go in for their checkups.

Dalton?? Well he loves to lick out the empty containers of the food that Benji gets if he will not eat in a particular day. He hovers near by when Benji eats in case there are tidbits dropped on the floor for him to scavenge, BOL! He still hates that thunking cane that pawppy uses…In a couple of weeks Dalton will be dogabrating his third gotcha day:)

And they are both having a ball digging…sheesh. We keep the company that makes red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper powder in business, BOL! Juast as effective as the commercial ‘keep away’ products, less costly, so we are all for that, still at the prices she does pay, it adds up. Phooey! Pawppy jokingly said, next time you see a picture of a cute pup in ‘The Shopper’, ignore it! BOL!

So here are our flashbacks…Mr Jack Freckles, now an angel, is showing off his first attempts at selfies…from Sept 2014.

I really don’t wanna do this…
But here you go! Sept, 2014

Pipo was not thrilled to make his first official selfie…Sept 2014

Looks like Angel Minko was not too thrilled about having his siesta interrupted, MOL! (Sept 2014)

Sorry for the bad lighting…these were the first selfies we did when we started to join up with the weekly Sunday Selfies, over at The Kitties Blue. Wow it has been 6 years already! Thank you Miss Janet, for faithfully keeping up with this fun weekly feature!


We had to say goodbye to these two beloved kitties recently. There are others, too, so sad;  we did not know them. Our condolences and love go to all those hurting furmilies.

Allie, From Friends Furever
Budd, from The Canadian Cats
Thank you Miss Janet, for faithfully keeping up with this fun weekly feature! We are in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, and you can be too, just click on the link to join.

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8 thoughts on “Flashback To Our Earliest Day Of Sunday Selfies

  1. We send some POTP and hope you get some rest. Thanks for sharing down memory lane–our angel furs are always in our hearts. xoxo, Bibi & Meep’s Mom

  2. Double Duty as we post in WP and Blogger just because we are stalwart pals. And more MOL
    Goodness we remember those selfies and really enjoyed seeing them again. We know Mr Jack Freckles and Minko are happy to see them from the Bridge too. We send lots of Purrs to Pawppy to feel better soon and to Petcretary for support. A lot to do with everyone. Pipo you need to get on the ball my friend. We will give you a little time as our Einstein is much younger and for some reason now piddles here and there. Same thing not not spraying just piddling and Dad just bought the industrial size box of pads. You two!
    Thank you so very much for our Angels. We love them to bits.
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  3. Meow-wow ‘angel’ Mistur Jack Freckless was a furry cute poochie Petcretary! LadyMew meowed ’bout him to mee…now mee seess why shee loved him so-o much!
    An ‘angel’ Minko was furry hansom too!
    Pipo yore all wayss uber hansum even when you not want to do a selfie, mew mew mew….
    Wee too are furry sad ’bout Mauricio an then Allie his kittywife an then deer Budd….iss alot of sadss….too much….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  4. Very sweet flashback selfies. I guess Pipo likes to think outside the box. Puppy pads are a great invention.
    I hope pawpy feels better soon. XO

  5. So sad to see the losses….and wish things would settle down for all of you there too! Wish we could offer advice for those litter-box issues, but we could never figure them out ourselves – cats like to by a mystery! 🙂
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

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