Selfies For Labor Day Weekend…The Non-Laborious Way!

Petcretary has had a busy week…lots of not doggy or kitty things happening, not to mention her work, etc.

Pawppy is very slowly improving, PT helped him sort through his exercise routine and that has had some good results. However mornings are still horribly tedious and painful for him. He goes to work for half days in the afternoons.

Pipo finally is using the litterbox again…but…well, ,lets just say his style requires piddle pads outside the box with very high walls to catch the spray, MOL! So *she*  bought a huge crate/container, and cut a kitty sized hole in it, for a door, and put the new pan inside of it, lining the area with piddle pads tp catch the spillover. But Pipo stands in it, with derriere facing the door and lets it spray. He doesn’t squat to pee, he never has…not even as a kitten. For years the top entry box was the best and working solution to that issue, but his old joints were not able to handle that type anymore. (He does get meds for that problem…) So *she* thinks a larger crate with more space between the box and the door might solve the remaining issue. We hope! Kitty pee stinks! MOL!

Benji still seems to have some issues with the runny poos, and not eating…but sometimes he gobbles up the whole bowlful. Nothing wrong with his digging efforts though…he carved out some trenches yesterday and this morning…and presented us with another big fat mole. UGH! BOL! Sheesh, those moles are naughty of their own accord, but Benji’s efforts are far worse! Sheesh. Anyone need some trenches dug out?? BOL! We are using red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper powder combined with garlic and cinnamon with mixed results. If he thinks the prey is *there* he will ignore the smells and tastes of the deterrent and dig anyways…sigh…stubborn terrier that he is…

Dalton has learned a few small tricks such as jump over and crawl through, and jump in to the lap. Each step increases his confidence…but it is VERY slow going…While Benji learns things quickly Dalton has to handled with very soft gloves and teaching with no touch is way better for him, else he pees floods of fear. *She* wants to teach him to roll over, but that has to be done outside…for obvious reasons, BOL!

Well, here are our selfies as culled from Labor day weekend from 2019…because there were no new pics made this week…

Earlier this week, we heard the sad news that Polar Bear from 15&Meowing had to become an Angel Kitty…

Polar Bear

We are joining the Sunday Selfies at The Kitties Blue, who graciously host this fun feature each week. Thanks so much, Miss Janet and all your furmily! We love the Sunday Selfies!

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9 thoughts on “Selfies For Labor Day Weekend…The Non-Laborious Way!

  1. POTP to the Pawpy. We hope this gets easier and you get stronger.
    And POTP to the mom – you certainly have your paws full with all your boys.
    xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  2. We love your smiles, even if they are older photos! We’re glad things are slowly and mostly improving with everyone there. We had those similar litter box issues with our kitty Samantha, I thought she was the only cat who enjoying peeing standing up straight! MOL
    Happy Labor Day weekend, hope no one has to labor too much! 🙂
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

  3. Those are all great selfies. I know all about tinkling outside the box. All our boxes have puppy pads under them. Good job mole hunting Benji! I hope your tummy gets better. Is he on a probiotic? Thank you for the beautiful card for Polar Bear. XO

  4. Charlee: “You guys sure have got a lot going on over there right now!”
    Chaplin: “We send lots of purrs for your Pawppy and for PIpo to get his litterbox usage figured out, and for Benji’s digestive issues too!”
    Lulu: “And I send lots of fluffy tail wags!”

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