Selfies For Rainbow Bridge Day, 2020

Well, petcretary has been way busy and we missed some things this past week, the most notable being Rainbow Bridge Day…so we will honor our Angels here so the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

And we are thrilled and thankful that The Kitties Blue are going to be continuing this feature each week. Thanks, Miss Janet and your ‘crew’!

Benji is eating much better, Hooray!

Not much change with pawppy, though he is going in to work half days right now. He starts Physio Therapy tomorrow.

Pipo has now decided that no litterbox pleases him anymore…so we are keeping the piddle pad company in business…sheesh! Not sure if he has some kitty dementia, or other issues, but for now we have a low box inside a crate that is well padded, and is easy to get into. However he pees on the waterproof mats that are all around that area…no matter if its cleaned up and a new mat put down. He even used the carpet  a couple of times, EEUUWWWW!

Petcretary cannot seem to leave her issues of senior care at her job site, MOL!!

We have several Angel furs in our furmily…

There were two dogs from petcretary’s ‘growing up’ years, and pawppy had three kitties before he married Petcretary. (We do not have any pics of his kitties, they were all tabbies, one long haired, and two short haired, two girls and a boy.) He also had many Scottie dogs and a couple of cats in his childhood years.

So starting with petcretary’s dogs:

Blacky, he was a Cocker Spaniel Terrier mix, and he took care of the shop that our Opa had at night. Petcretary nickname for him was Blacky Bushka, he had quite a bushy tail! He got to be over 14 years old:)

The next picture is of petcretary and her brother as youngsters with Blacky Bushka.

Then there was a second Blacky; nicknamed Blacky Monster, because he really could be at times, though you would not know that from his pics, BOL! He was a Lab BorderCollie mix…maybe that is why his behavior was over the top sometimes. He herded the squirrels in the yard, and our ankles too…

Then petcretary got a kitty! Shortly after they got married, a family had to rehome their pets due to the medical conditions of their newborn preemies that were coming home…anypaws, we got Groucho, at the age of seven, and he was a Meezer, the first of the six Meezers that have been with pawppy and petcretary. He lived till the ripe old age of 18 or 19, we were really never sure of his true age…

Then a kitten was added to our little family: Simba.

Groucho after some hisses, loved him and mentored him for seven years until one day Simba just curled up and passed away…he likely had a heartworm, cause he would get outside when the then toddlers here would open the door and he would run past them…to eat grass…and get mosquito bites…sigh…now all our furs get heartworm medicine all the year long.

So then Suki came along…a diva kitty if there ever was one, MOL!Groucho taught her and loved her too…

She developed seizures and had an inner ear problem so that she couldn’t walk in a straight line, she would get attacked by the other two kitties and also the dog, so she was in a big cage when there were no peeps around to watch over her. Eventually the seizures became so bad that she was allowed to become an Angel, at the age of 11.

When Suki was about 6 months old, Toki came along…so now Groucho had 2 kittens to teach and love…Suki hated him and she hated petcretary for a while after that, too…yikes! She thought she should be the only kitty…even though she was there with Groucho…who can understand the minds of cats??! MOL!

Toki was a gem of a kitty, he was everyone’s friend and learned lots of tricks. He was a fetch kitty, too. He visited the school where our sons went and stole their hearts. He would have made a great therapy cat:)

Toki loved it when MrJackFreckles came into our furmily…he immediately jumped into the bed with that wee puppy and laid on top of him…a nice warm cushion. They became fast friends!  But more hate from Suki!

Toki got to be way too overweight, and at the tender age of seven he passed from complications of severe diabetes. MJF missed him immensely.

By then Groucho had passed;  so one day on Valentine’s Day of 2005, the kittens Pipo and Minko were introduced…Even though they were both the same age, about 8 weeks, (though from different families), Pipo has hated all dogs from the get go, and still doesn’t like them, Minko was more tolerant and he got to be quite friendly with MJF, though not like Toki had been…they would not sleep in the same bed, MOL! They were mutual ear washers! Go figure:)

Then Minko got sick and petcretary had to hand feed him…she did that for three years, and on Father’s Day of 2017 at the age of almost 13, he had a stroke. He was blind and paralyzed…so he too received his angel wings.

MrJackFreckles knew Toki, Suki and both Minko and Pipo…

He was officially the elder son’s dog, but he lived with us all his life, even when son #1 moved out to his own apartment. MJF loved it when he would come over here to visit.

MJF lived to be just shy of his 16th birthday…he became an angel in Feb/2018.

So those are our Angels…may they enjoy all the fun at the RB, with their friends and relatives.

“Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day was founded in 2015 by Deborah Barnes, award-winning author, and blogger of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles
in tribute to her Ragdoll cat, Mr. Jazz, whom she had to say goodbye to
on August 28, 2013. She shared the journey of letting him go in her
critically acclaimed book, “Purr Prints of – A Cat’s Tale of Life,
Death, and Beyond” and decided to create the day in his honor as a way
for others across the world to share memories of their own pets they had
loved and lost.”

We are part of the Rainbow Bridge Day Blog Hop, you can enter too, if you wish to show your precious angels to all of us.

We are joining the Sunday Selfies Blog hop, showing our Angels this week.

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8 thoughts on “Selfies For Rainbow Bridge Day, 2020

  1. Such a beautiful bunch of Angels, thanks for sharing them with us. Hey, you should be able to drag the sides or corners of the pics in to resize them on WP.

    • Thanks for the tip, I should try that next time.

  2. Mee-yow WOW Petcretary!! You sure had so many lovelee doggiess an kittiess!! Toki was so beeuteffull…they all were…
    LadyMew told mee shee meeted you when it was Minko an Pipo an Mistur Jack Freckless. MJF sure was adoorabell an Minko was purrty hansum too….
    Mee iss furry sad Pipo iss havin potty troubellss…cuud hee have a Urrynaree Innfection Petcretary?? Or sumthin else?? Poor hansum darlin Pipo. Do nto meow to him wee know ’bout hsi problem; jsut give him mee ❤ LOVE ❤ Okay???
    May yore memoreess an fotoss all wayss bee a comfert to you Petcretary an to yore Mistur….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  3. So many beautiful angels!!!
    We have had many senior cats who suddenly decided they could just do their litter box thing anywhere they pleased….so challenging! Even one of our outdoor kitties (back in the days when we had outdoor kitties still) decided outdoors no longer worked for her, and she ruined some of our carpets indoors at times! She was not super old though, and unfortunately going outdoors turned out to be a bad thing for her, she was killed by a neighbor’s dog. 😦
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

  4. Chaplin: “We love seeing and learning about Angel friends at the Rainbow Bridge!”
    Charlee: “We can only imagine they all get together there on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day to reminisce and look at pictures at those of us they left behind here on Earth!”

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