Sunday Selfies; Dalton Had A Birthday

This past week, Dalton turned four! We had a small pawrty for him yesterday, since petcretary had to work on his birthday.

All these are for me??!
Oh, my! A special cookie in my pile of loot!
I need to take this yummy delight out of here…I think I need to gobble it up!
Time for a taste test.
The icing sure tastes good…
Thanks for this yummy cookie, Petcretary!
I am such a serious little dude…I guess I like to think about ‘stuff’…
Benji missed his half of that yummy cookie, cause he had been busy barking the neighbour man who was tending to things in his own yard…oh, well, he will get it later:)
After all that birthday fun, it was time for an energetic romp.
Pipo was enjoying a nice nap…but well, *she* interrupted him, MOL!

Last Tuesday, it was once again Tuesday Teaser Day, over at Teddy’s blog

Petcretary was one of four first commenters, and she was also the first right commenter! Whooppee!!

So she got these badges to commemorate the honor(s):

On Thursday at the same blog, it was poetry day. (Another weekly feature)

There are lots of other great poetical works there as well as Angel Sammy’s, plus links to others…well worth a visit.

The photoprompt was this:

And this was the poem petcretary wrote for it:Tiny Chapel

Little Church on the roadside,
You look cold on the outside…
But as you stand there,
Steadily on the hillside;
You are lit up and warm on the inside!
Look at the glow of the morn,
Brightening the new day;
Which gives you hope,
That someone might come in to pray.
Little Church, don’t feel forlorn;
You’re a comforting refuge;
Though in size you are tiny;
The inner peace you convey is huge.
(I.R. 8/20/2020)

Thanks for all the fun at your blog, Teddy, and  Mom, Miss Pam!

You should visit there if you don’t already, its a ton of fun, each day something new, fun, inspiring or yummy!

In other news around here…unfurbro-the-younger turned 28 yesterday…but he was out of town saying thank you to a service man, and goodbye as the friend was being deployed. Thanks so much to all the heroes that still abound in our lives. So we will celebrate at a later date.

Benji seems to have gotten better, but now he is back to the here a poo, there a poo business, and I don’t want to eat my regular food…and so on. Either he relapsed or got reinfecged, or the med was not compoletelyt effective…off to check with the vet man once again…sigh…however he can still dig withg the best of the diggers around here.

We had the gas company here (Did I say intruders to be barked at…?), to replace the lines and the meters. Of course that meant digging large holes and trenches…sheesh, they should have asked Benji to help, BOL! After they refilled their efforts, and seeded the topsoil, well, lets just say there was a lot of red pepper and garlic powder used around here. And Benji thinks his new name is NO!

Pawppy had been back to work the first week of this month, and now since then he has been laid up with a bad back, there are two worn-out discs and he has severe pain, and cannot hardly move at times. He is to start PT as soon as they can arrange him to fit into the schedule, meanwhile he does recommended exercises at home, and is using a cane.

Always something…maybe if you all could please send some POTP, purrs and pawyers it would help some. (He does have plenty of time off banked up, so its not a problem that way, but the work things keep piling up their deadlines, etc…)

OK…time to visit all the other selfies this week!

Lets enjoy all the other selfies at The Kitties Blue who faithfully host this weekly feature, and we heartily thank them for that:)

Please add tons of purrs, POTP and pawyers for dear little Sawyer, who is having those nasty seizures again.

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies; Dalton Had A Birthday

  1. Sheesh, I don’t know why WordPress had to mess up my pictures with the wrong sizing…oh well…at least they are there! LOL!

  2. I’m glad you had a happy day Dalton! We sure hope Benji feels better on poop patrol soon and we are all sending POTP to your Pawppy.

  3. Happy Birthday to Dalton! Many hopes and purrs for Benji to feel better and for Pawppy to feel better too! Greetings to Pipo, and well wishes for Sawyer.

  4. Happy Birfday Dalton!! An iss Okay to bee a sweereuss thinkin dude! Lady doggiess an kittiess LIke tha tinn a man doggie!
    That cookie lookss liek it was sue-purr tasty….
    Benji wee hope you are goin to bee OKay! And PawPaw too! LadyMew iss a wreck with her back an kneess too an usess a cane now INN our place.
    Petcretary well dun an concatss on all yore awardss!! You ROCKED Tuesday Teezer!!! HURRAH!!
    An mee deerest sweetest Pipo you are hansum an lovelee purr usual….
    Wishin all of youss’ a peecefull not pain full week…..
    ***purrss*** an POTP BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) an purrayerss LadyMew ❤

  5. Great birthday selfies from everyone!
    We be sending lots POTP for your staff and hope his back gets mended very soon!
    Happy Birthday, Dalton! My, how the year has flown, even with lockdown and the like. That cookie sure does look extra tasty, I’d have gobbled mine and Benji’s down in one, MOL
    Lovely poem about the little church, maybe the best of the poems, all of them, could make it into a book and be published to raise funds for someone or some dogs or cats in need?

  6. Happy birthday, Dalton! Sounds like it was a good one. Silly Benji missing half the cookie because he was too busy barking.
    That is a lovely poem about the church.

  7. We send lots of POTP to both Benji and Pawppy.
    It looks like Dalton had quite the fun birthday – yay!!
    And that was a very nice poem by petcretary.
    Jan & the crew at Wag ‘n Woof Pets

  8. Lulu: “Happy belated birthday, Dalton! Many happy returns!”
    Charlee: “We are sending lots of POTP for Benji and Pawppy and Sawyer!”
    Chaplin: “And also purrs!”
    Lulu: “And fluffy tail wags. Can’t forget those!”

  9. Power of the Paw to Benji and the Dad. We hope the visit to the v-e-t goes well and that the Dad is not in too much pain. Sending healing love, xoxo, Bibi & Meep

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