We Are Late For National Mutt Day, But Here We Are With Selfies!

Yes, it was National Mutt Day on July 31st…but we missed it. Phooey. Cause we are mutts for sure, BOL!

But petcretary says we are not Mutts, but we are of the breed Muttski! And there are a bazillion varieties/variations of this breed…BOL, BOL!!Well, we are going to give Pipo the day off, since we pestered him so much last week when he was outside with us on the special day of our peeps. He is for sure not complaining…tee-hee.

So, Benji is beginning to eat a lot better, sometimes he gobbles everything up in a hurry, but still sometimes he just is not interested. Small steps in the right direction. Thanks for all the pawyers.

On Friday evening, petcretary went outside to get some chives for her supper, and there was a red squirrel on the porch railing. Likely checking to see if there were bird feeders up on the pole…nope! And the containers he tried to get into a few weeks ago, well they are not accessible anymore. Maybe he wants to behead the sunflower that is growing as a volunteer with the purple coneflowers…He/She already did that to some other volunteers in the yard. Anyways he was not sure what to do…and the hooligan ‘Muttskis’ nearly got it! They were frantically trying to get into the garden, (it is fenced…), but *she* curtailed that and any possible digging sessions by making them go back into the house, and then the varmint could escape…sheesh, those squirrels sure are loud when they are upset!

Ok, here we are with our selfies!

(The lighting is a bit odd because it was late afternoon…)

We are The Muttski Hooligan Brofurs!!

Well, that’s all folks!!

We know you want to see Pipo, he will return next week…if he allows it, MOL!

You can visit all the other selfies at The Kitties Blue, who host this blog hop each week!

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7 thoughts on “We Are Late For National Mutt Day, But Here We Are With Selfies!

  1. Muttskiss’ inndeed! Yore THE kewlest poochiess inn THE werld Dalton an Benji!!!
    Happy Doggie Day to you both. Yore Selfiess are so adoorabell an yore ‘two-fur’ iss specktaculur…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew too

  2. Muttskis are great hunters! It’s too bad you couldn’t put those skills to work on that squirrel. 🙂
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

    • But…since this posting…there has been some action…a big deaded rabbit, (They must have gotten it when it was absorbed in eating my plants…), and a mole so fat, if it wasn’t the hooligans who took it down, obesity might have,BOL!

  3. Lulu: “Happy belated All-American Dog Day to you!”
    Charlee: “I thought it was National Mutt Day.”
    Lulu: “It is! But that’s what they call ‘mutts’ at our vets.”
    Chaplin: “So do they call us mixed-breed cats All-American Cats, then?”
    Lulu: “No, you two are Moggies.”
    Charlee: “Why can’t we be All-American Cats?”
    Lulu: “I don’t make the rules, I just report them.”

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