Sunday Selfies A Day After A Happy Anniversary!

Yes, it was…Happy 33rd Anniversary to our pawrents! July 25, 1987…wow long before there even were kitties and doggies at the den, BOL/MOL!

The unfurbros came by and  took over the kitchen, they did not want to go out to a restaurant, even though they are open here, its still a hassle, with all the social distancing regulations, etc…so they stayed at their own comfy and safe home.

The unfurbros brought all the fixings to make a memorable steak dinner, YUM! Did we get any?? Nope…sheesh…we all tried though and Pipo even got bold and climbed on the table, MOL!We did get our own dinners and treats, too.

It is still hot, muggy and very dry here, no rain at all this week…maybe later today. Maybe being the operative word. About 33C, 92F here, the same weather as 33 years ago. At least we are now blessed with AC…the church they got married in didn’t have any, and the reception hall had it, but on account of the excessive heat it had conked out, just in time for us to have a sweaty celebration…oh well, they survived and here they are now:

Benji apologizes for moving….sitting still isn’t always on his agenda,BOL!

Not sure what to call a five-some selfie portrait…a Cinqueie or a Quintie?? Maybe a Quintie-Ussie!

Benji isn’t at 100% of himself as yet, as far as eating goes, but we are getting there, We think the meds he was given made him feel yucky so he wasn’t interested in food…hopefully each day will get better. Now if only he would leave the yucky junky things alone, *she* even found some beheaded mushrooms, species unknown…but it looks like they were spat out, so she gathered them up and trashed them, phew!

Many of you know Virginia (#1) from The Poupounette…well, her neighbor’s kitty passed away recently, so petcretary made them a memorial card in Basha’s honor.

Basha…you can read about him, here, at The Poupounette.

We are in The Sunday Selfies Bloghop, a weekly fun feature, and we love it. The Kitties Blue host it each week, faithfully, and we thank them so much for keeping it up all these many weeks, months, even years!

You can join them by clicking below on the caption, to their logo.

The Kitties Blue are hosting the Weekly Sunday Selfies.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies A Day After A Happy Anniversary!

  1. Great photo sequence and we love the last show with all critters looking at each other! Thanks for sharing your 33rd anniversary with us! Hoping for more happy years for you.

  2. Happy anniversary to your pawrents ! Thank you for sharing the celebration with us ! Purrs

  3. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! We love love the last picture, it is purrfecto!
    xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  4. We send our purrs to dear Benji. A BIG congratulations on your 33rd. What a wonderful life of loving and we really enjoyed that you shared it with us. Purrs for many, many more special days of love to come

  5. Happy 33rd Annie-versary Petcretary an yore Mistur!! Yore such a lovelee lookin cuppell…may youss’ have many more Annie-versariess!!!
    Benji yore a ‘goin concern’ as LadyMew sayss!
    Yore Quintie Ussie-selfie iss pawtastick Pipo an Dalton an Benji!!
    ***purrss*** an ❤ ❤ BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! I am glad you got to see your boys and have a wonderful dinner. I love these family photos with the furbabies. XO

  7. Happy Anniversary to your pawrents! Those are some lovely and happy family photos. ♥
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

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