Summery Blooms & Sunday Selfies From Benji’s Birthday

We have some selfies to show you from Benji’s special day on 6.6.2020.

Firstly the shrubs and flowers decided to blossom forth with delight that it was hot, and that the rains had given them energy to make pretty blooms for us all to enjoy. So they too made selfies, in honor of Benji’s Birthday and ‘just because’!By the way, Mr Possum did not show up in the yard to crash our festivities, but a rather large garden snake did…petcretary shooed it away before the hooligan team discovered it…she herself has no fear of snakes around here, and she likes the fact that they do help keep varmints to a minimum, esp those that try to come in the house, or those that Benji sniffs under the grass and then digs big caverns to try to get them. Neither one of them allowed a selfie…


Benji did it again…in the place where *she* had just transplanted some oak seedlings. (She always digs those up and replants them in the woodsy are to hopefully make it more wild creature friendly, at least in the canopy, cause the fence keeps big ones out, like the deer.

Just a small part of a large snowball shrub. Does anyone know the botanical name for this plant??
Two Snowballs ~ Celebrating Benji’s second Birthday!
Creamy White irises…planted by some family eons ago…they have been here for over 40 years, now…
Some other Irises, also here for several generations.
But of course we have some ‘traditional’ purple ones!
Bleeding heart
Wild columbine, self seeded, in other words a volunteer plant. We have them all over and they are dainty and pretty!
A cultivated columbine
A pretty plant…Benji squashed it when he jumped over the fencing to get at some critter…alas and sheesh:(
Pipo in the sun!
Kind of fuzzy, cause it was a ‘zoom’ picture, he didn’t even realize he was in the lens zone, MOL!
Benji had his second birthday on June 6th
Oh, brother…
Stop…no more pictures…BOL!
Sent to Benji from a Facebook group
Benji turned 2 on 6-6-2020
Dalton woofed he would help Benji get rid of the headgear, BOL!
We have joined with The Kitties Blue, and YOU can too!

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4 thoughts on “Summery Blooms & Sunday Selfies From Benji’s Birthday

  1. HURRAH HURRAH!!! Happy 2nd Birfday deer Benji!! Yore one hansum poochie!! You look so cute inn yore Birfday hatss….have fun mee frend!!! Dalton yore lookin adoorabell too. An Pipo yore hansum purr usual…
    Petcretary Lady yore Flowerss are gorgeeuss!! LadyMew LOVES Irisess!! ALOT…
    An mee LOVESS yore Snowballss…they are lovelee…
    Iss so nice to see happy flwoerss an happy 4 leggedss.
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  2. Beautiful blooms. I am glad Benji had a nice birthday. Great selfies from all. XO

  3. How lovely that so many beautiful flowers showed up for Benji’s birthday!! ♥
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

  4. Lulu: “You sure had some fancy birthday headgear, Benji! And so many flowers!”
    Charlee: “Yeah, we bet those flowers really bring in the hummingbirds and butterflies.”
    Chaplin: “We like hummingbirds and butterflies.”

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