Happy Easter!!

Hooray, Its Easter!Hallelujah!

No bunnies in our yard, just squirrels, but somehow we don’t think they carry baskets…Hah!

There were no community Easter Egg hunts, which is an annual event with many local venues. Hard to have a virtual egg hunt…

We think some families with young children maybe did have their own hunting games. There sure were a lot of left over baskets in the stores…we think the priorities of many families is not the usual routine…we feel badly for those affected by the economic hardships that so many have to bear due to all the quarantine rules.

And the Gov of our state, just put down even stricter ones…now even garden centers and paint  other construction businesses cannot be open. (among other junk….sheesh…)How on earth will peeps be able to do anything at their homes if they cannot get the supplies they need to do them. There are going to be lots of places with unsightly lawns, too…as the contractors that do that work have been told they may not. Sheesh.

Hope we can do our own lawn mowing with no issues with the mower…at least we CAN get gas to make it run…its a very thirsty machine when it does the work over our acre of growing grass and weeds. We will likely mow it for the first time later this week…its getting shaggy here and there…and the dandelions are getting into bloom mode.

Now the grocery stores are limiting the number of peeps in their stores, and we have to walk the aisles in one direction only. Weird…and they have to block sections off in there that fall under those newer restrictions on what peeps can buy. Petcretary walked past the garden section of our local super store, (not Wally World…), and there was a sign on a patio table:

‘We know these will look good at your home, but we are not allowed to sell it to you at this time.’ OMC/OMD!

Well, masked bandits are everywhere you look, including our peeps when they leave the den…gloves too, if they are available. Signs of the times!

We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and at home  as much as possible.

And we hope you all had a nice Easter…or what ever holiday you celebrated.

As seen in the previous two posts, we made some cards this past week:

Marg celebrated her Birthday on April 9th.
Iza from Mark’sMews became an Angel Kitty on April 10th
Easter Sunday Selfies! Join the Hop at the Kitties Blue!

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12 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!

  1. Oooh you two pups you look sooo cute!!!! You ALL look so festive.

    Happy Easter!

    PS Thank you for the cards for Miss Iza, her dad seems heartbroken.

    • Thanks. We were patient with *her* cause she had treats to pay us with:)

  2. Mew mew mew Dalton an Benji you both loos so hansum inn yore easter attire!! Wee LOVE yore Bunny earss!!
    An Pipo yore fotoss are breath takin! Yore so haunsum an ree-gal.
    LadyMew said to mee-yow to Petcretary same reestricktionss here too! This iss gettin weerder an weerder….
    Happy Easter to all of youss’
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    • Lockdown still in force here…somehow we are sort of getting used to it. At least we still have employment.

  3. You all look so sweet in your Easter gear! Wow, things are tough in your state. I don’t know what I’d do if we couldn’t at least keep up on our gardening and home improvement projects! We don’t understand why the lawn maintenance people can’t do their thing…it’s no contact with you. Oh well, guess we just have to do/not do what they tell us, and hope this is all over soon! Hang in there, and Happy Easter!
    Jan & the crew at Wag ‘n Woof Pets

    • These strict restrictions are so bad for the ones not able to work…we are not happy, but at least we do have employment.

  4. I love how Benji and Dalton pose together in their matching hats and ears- so adorable.
    I don’t understand why one can’t buy whatever they want in the store if it is open for business. SO far our restrictions are not that bad. Pipo, you look adorable too. Happy Easter! XO

    • Thanks!
      Yes, it does seem rather draconian…

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